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Rin (リーン, Rīn) is a intermediate wizard and a member of the party consisting of Taylor, Dust, and Keith. She is a minor supporting character in the main KonoSuba series, as well as a major supporting character of the Limelight spinoff series.


Rin is a young attractive girl with a very childish face who has vibrant green eyes and brown hair. She has free-flowing bangs and long straight hair which she ties into a ponytail. For some unexplained reason, Rin has a tanuki tail. She also has fairly small breasts for her age, a fact that Dust often teases her for.

Rin usually wears a black choker, a bright green fleece with a striped pink t-shirt underneath, a dark green waist-length cloak with a fur collar, black shorts, and a black stocking belt. She also has a smiley face button attached to her fleece.


Rin usually keeps a calm behavior, with a bit of a cheek, showing contentment and getting frustrated with the antics of those around her, whom she describes as "stupid", although Rin admits she has fun with them.[1] Rin is also very straightforward, casually rejecting Yunyun's friendship request because the later's superior skills as mage would make such friendship problematic for her.[2]

Rin is a very confident as adventurer, acting as Kazuma's veteran and showing pride of her Intermediate Magic skills, although she is also the more prone to panic in her party.[3] While Rin has a carefree side, she is also irritable, not letting teasing lie, like Dust's contant hints and jokes about Rin's bust size (about which she is self-conscious), often reacting violently, casting her Lightning spell.

Although Rin often acts as a more serious and indifferent person, she is actually soft-hearted, as while Rin is always complaining about and quarreling with Dust, she is still the one who always helps and loans money to him, even unwilling, becoming known by Axel as his baby-sitter.


For Rin's history, see her History tab.


Intermediate Magic: As a Wizard, Rin can use Intermediate Magic and, like many other spellcasters, she was told that Basic Magic was useless and skipped over them. Rin didn't reach the level of Advanced Magic yet.

  • Blade of Wind: Creates blades of wind to violently slash the enemy.
  • Wind Curtain: Summons a whirlwind to act as a protective barrier. It can stop a hail of arrows.[3]
  • Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt. She often uses it on Dust when he annoys her.
  • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates at the target. It was powerful enough to incinerate roughly 10 kobolds at once.[4]
  • Freeze Gust: Creates a freezing white fog. It managed to disorient and damage Rouzelli, a red dragon, who was weak against ice-type attacks.[5]


  • Rin's birthday is on 6th October.
  • Rin's favourite food is salad, which she often eat for breakfast and lunch.[6]