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Rosary (ロザリー, Rozarī) is an arch-priest of the Eris Order who was one of Wiz's adventuring companions.[1]


Rosary is a pretty young woman with medium length hair held back by a headband, and wears robes over a short dress as well as a talisman of the Eris Order.


As a devoted member of the Eris Order, Rosary quickly turns to anger and violence when her faith is insulted or belittled. She is also strong-willed, and thus able to partially resist Vanir's possession. In addition, she was nice enough to offer to lend Wiz money to pay back a bad purchase.


Rosary was one of Wiz's adventurer companions during her youth alongside Brad, Karen, and Yukinori. During a quest into a dungeon near the Royal Capital with Wiz and Rosary to hunt one of the Devil King's Generals, they met Vanir who teased them by voicing out some of their embarrassing thoughts. Rosary promptly tried to seal him within an amulet through Sacred Shell, only to have him casually kick it away. When they returned to fight Vanir roughly once every week, Rosary was repeatedly possessed and made to perform various lewd acts in front of her companions.

During the month Wiz trapped Vanir into an unbreakable magic barrier that also rendered him untouchable, Rosary joined the others into fighting Beldia, and as a result was cursed to die within a month, though she was later spared from that fate thanks to Wiz's sacrifice. Rosary had since settled down, married Brad and bore a child.[2]


  • Holy Magic: As a high level arch-priest of the Eris Order, Rosary is able to utilize powerful clerical magic in the name of Eris to destroy undead and support her allies.
    • Turn Undead: Creates a light that sends the Undeads to the afterlife.
    • Sacred Exorcism: Summons a pillar of light that drives away demons.
    • Sacred Shell: Seals a demon within a pre-prepared enchanted object.