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Rosary (ロザリオ, Rozario) is an arch-priest of the Eris Order who served on one of Belzerg's most revered parties alongside Wiz the Ice Witch and the Sword master Brad, Karen, and Yukinori. On one adventure Rosary party was cursed by Beldia, a general of the Demon King, and were given one month to live. Wiz was forced to become an undead lich and join the Demon King's Army as a General to save her companions.

After this incident Rosary retired from adventuring alongside Brad, who she married and had a child with.


Rosary is strong willed, able partially resist Vanir's possession. She is a devoted member of the Eris Order, quickly turning to anger and violence when her faith is insulted or belittled. She was nice enough to offer to lend Wiz money to pay back a bad purchase.


  • Priest Magic: As a high level arch-priest of the Eris Order, Rosary is able to utilize powerful clerical magic in the name of Eris to destroy undead and support her allies.
    • Sacred Exorcism: A spell capable of banishing powerful demons to Hell by encompassing them in beam of light. She tried to use it on Vanir but he was always able to avoid it.
    • Sacred Shell: A spell which allows Rosary to seal a demon in an enchanted object, such as a necklace. She tried to use it on Vanir but he was too powerful for it.
    • Turn Undead: A spell which can instantly purify the soul of an undead opponent.