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Satou Kazuma (佐藤(さとう) 和真(かずま)) (last name Satou, first name Kazuma) is the main protagonist of the KonoSuba series. He was reincarnated into the Fantasy World after dying.

He was originally a student from Japan who always skipped out of school in favor of lazing around at home playing video games. Eventually, he died in an accident and was sent to the fantasy world alongside the Goddess of Water Aqua in order to defeat the Demon King, who sought to oppress the free peoples of the fantasy world.


Kazuma is a 5'4" (162 cm) tall young man weighing 120lb (54 kg) with slightly spiky chestnut-brown hair and green eyes (brown eyes in the light novel). His usual outfit initially wore a green tracksuit, but later he started using an adventurer outfit consisting of a gold-trimmed green mantle, white shirt, pants, and leather boots. He wore a short sword on his belt, later replaced by his short katana, Chunchunmaru.


Prior to his new life in the Fantasy World, Kazuma was a hikikomori, thus isolating himself from society and spending all his time in his room playing video games, all while maintaining little to no relationships outside. Some of these traits would manifest from time to time in the Fantasy World, such as becoming extremely nervous when first meeting the beautiful Darkness and resigning himself to lazing around under his kotatsu at all times.

After coming to the Fantasy World, Kazuma becomes much more social and outgoing and was initially excited at the prospect of becoming an adventurer. Despite this, however, Kazuma becomes increasingly pessimistic about his new life as he discovers the harsh reality of being an adventurer, such as the low pay and life-threatening work.

Throughout the series, Kazuma is consistently sarcastic, cynical, and blunt, especially towards his own teammates. He has no qualms with reminding Aqua of how useless she can be or how creepy he finds Darkness’ masochism. This doesn’t just extend to his teammates, as he is also open about his disdain for narcissistic individuals like Mitsurugi Kyouya. Kazuma tends to openly complain about the unfortunate situations he gets in, such as when he falls into debt, in which he generally becomes even more irritable and depressed.

Though the most unassuming member of the group, Kazuma is often described as someone who is "reliable at critical moments." As such, he can be surprisingly intelligent as well as a good leader, often being the one who comes up with the plans or leads the group. Megumin describes him as hardworking when he's poor, and lazy when he's rich. Despite his abrasive attitude, Kazuma has a kind heart, as he does genuinely enjoy his time with his party and is willing to do whatever it takes to ultimately help them. Even in his original world, Kazuma showed some semblance of bravery as he was willing to sacrifice his life to save a girl he truly thought was in danger, even stating after he died that he was fine with his fate as long the girl was safe (though later it’s revealed she was in no harm in the first place, to Kazuma’s embarrassment).

But while he can be brave, Kazuma possesses some less heroic attributes as well. He is quite lecherous and often presents himself as an “advocate of gender equality” as an excuse for him to attack and harass girls by stealing their panties. He also uses this to justify his retreat from a dangerous battle before the women. Along with this, Kazuma was perfectly content with living the rest of his life as a lazy bum after earning enough money to live comfortably, essentially abandoning his initial quest to defeat the Demon King, though this was after having died multiple times among other rather traumatizing experiences. However, it is notable that he only displays these qualities at certain times, and not in the heat of battle like Darkness. He also doesn't let his darker thoughts influence any planning or battle tactics. He also appears to have some sort of self-control, as he is always surrounded by his party members who even he admits are attractive, but does not do anything overtly perverted to them. However, this may be because of their terrible personalities.


When in elementary school, his first love and childhood friend had promised to marry him. However, during the summer of his third year in middle school, he saw that same girl riding a delinquent upperclassman’s bike. Unable to say anything, he no longer wanted to attend school and immersed himself in net gaming.

As Kazuma gradually cut down his sleeping time and focused his efforts to exterminate monsters all the time in games, people who knew his name became fewer and fewer. One day after going outside, he died attempting to save a girl from being hit by an oncoming truck. The truck was, in fact, a slow-moving tractor, but thinking that he was run over, Kazuma died from shock.

Once in the afterlife, he met Aqua and, annoyed by her attitude, brought her with him to Axel. After unintentionally recruiting Megumin and Darkness, Kazuma eventually became one of the most famous adventurers in Axel. His party defeated Beldia and was essential in the defeat of the Destroyer, but the reward they received was offset by the massive debt incurred due to the collateral damage.

After encountering and defeating Vanir, Kazuma made a deal with the Devil to sell his knowledge of modern technology. Though there were setbacks, Kazuma eventually became the richest adventurer in Axel from this arrangement.

Kazuma continued, often against his will, to defeat multiple of the Demon King's Generals and High Bounty Targets, gaining fame as well as a reputation for trickery and scumminess. After being invited to the capital, Kazuma began to act and be treated as the older brother of Iris. He later formed the Silver Haired Thieving Group with Chris, whose main goal was the retrieval and sealing of Divine Relics (cheats leftover by dead Japanese adventurers).

With the help of Vanir, Wiz, and many adventurers in town, Kazuma abused his adventurer class to learn a wide variety of skills which he used in the assault on the Demon King's Castle.


Stats: After becoming an adventurer and learning different skills, Kazuma had two high stats:

  • Luck: Kazuma has an extraordinarily high luck stat, so high that even Luna was surprised. However, she claims that its numerical value isn't really essential to an adventurer. The only person Kazuma has ever lost to in a game of rock-paper-scissors is Eris, the Goddess of Luck. During his gambling streak in the nation of Elroad, Kazuma was able to win enough money to temporarily put a casino out of business. Though frustrating and unpredictable in the short run, most things end up turning out well for him, no matter how many times he makes the same mistakes.
  • Intelligence: His statistical intelligence is decently high, one of the highest out of his entire party, behind Megumin. In practical use, he is very cunning and sharp, often employing the usage of unorthodox tactics. This makes a powerful combination with his luck stat; his ideas tend to be good ones.

Skills and Magic: Kazuma belongs to the Adventurer class, and as an adventurer, Kazuma can learn and use skills and magic spells of any class. He can also level up easily. After venturing into the world's hardest dungeon, he learned many other skills on top of the ones he had prior due to having an insane amount of skill points:

  • Thief-Class:
    • Bind: Binds a target in rope provided the user has a rope on them.
    • Disarm Trap: This allows the user to disarm any traps in their path.
    • Trap Detection: This allows the user to detect any placed traps in the area.
    • Enemy Detection: A passive skill that notifies the user of monsters or enemies nearby, with a ping.
    • Lurk: Makes the user difficult to detect while in the shadows, though it does not work when the user is out in the open.
    • Concealment: A superior version of the Lurk skill which grants the user invisibility for a very short span of time.
    • Escape: Allows the user to escape a situation if it is possible.
    • Steal: Steals an item from the opponent. Higher luck results in a more valuable item being stolen. Due to this, Kazuma often unintentionally (or intentionally) steals the opponent's underwear. In episode 21, he uses it to punish two ladies from the guild who hurt his feelings; he stole their panties.
  • Knight-Class:
    • One-Handed Sword: The One-handed Sword skill raised proficiency with one-handed swords.
  • Wizard-Class:
    • Tinder: Summons a small fire in the user's hand or fingertips.
    • Create Earth: Summons rocks and sand on the user's hand.
    • Create Water: Summons water on the user's hand.
    • Wind Breath: Blow a small amount of wind from the user's mouth.
    • Freeze: Freezes water, or any objects.
    • Fireball: Generates a ball of flame that can be thrown at a target.
    • Lightning: Generates a bolt of lightning.
    • Flash: Creates a bright flash that blinds the opponent.
    • Unlock: Allows the user to open up any lock.
    • Teleport: Teleport allows Kazuma to teleport objects or people to "marked" locations, which are places he has already visited. Kazuma can only maintain three markers at a time meaning there are only three places he can teleport to, one of which is the boss room of the deepest dungeon in the World. Kazuma can also use a random teleport, removing the need for a marker but in turn transporting a person or an object to a random location in the world.
    • Explosion: Summon forth a devastatingly large incendiary detonation.
  • Undead-Class:
    • Drain Touch: A skill normally only processed by the undead, Kazuma learned this skill from Wiz and can use it to drain mana from others as well as give. It can only be used through direct contact and drains mana very quickly, so Kazuma is able to utilize this skill offensively in order to render opponents unable to move once they are drained of mana. Drain Touch isn't very effective against opponents with high endurance, such as Darkness and Mitsurugi, who can usually retaliate before being drained.
  • Archer-Class:
    • Bow: A passive skill that allows for the usage of Bow weapons.
    • Snipe: Powerfully fires a single arrow with accuracy depending on the user's luck.
    • Farsight: This allows him to see far into the distance and improve the user's vision overall.
  • Monk-Class:
    • Auto-dodge: Allows the user to dodge any attack autonomously. Activation is dependent on one's luck stat.
  • Ranger-Class:
    • Trap Creation: Increases the power and activation chance of any trap.
  • Creator-Class:
    • Create Earth Golem: Summons golems formed from solid, clay, or mud. The size, strength, and operation time of the golem vary on how much mana the user uses.
  • Priest-Class:
    • Heal: Heals the user or an ally. It can also be used to Purify The Undead.
  • Assassin-Class:
    • Deadly Backstab: Kills enemies in one hit if conditions are met. The user being undetected is one of these conditions. The success rate is based on luck.
  • Dark Stalker Class:
    • Lip Reading: As long as Kazuma can see someone's mouth he can understand what they are saying. It is often used in combination with his Farsight ability.
    • Eavesdrop: The ability to secretly listen to a conversation from a distance.
  • Chef-Class:
    • Cook: He learned the ability to cook with the idea of having a calm life and even opening a restaurant if he had the chance, he used this ability to help in the Axis Cult festival, making several dishes from Japan to attract customers.
  • BlackSmith-Class
    • Smithing: Kazuma uses his smithing ability to great effect by inventing products from Earth, such as dynamite, condoms, lighters, and kotatsu, and selling the intellectual properties of these products for profit, as well as repair armor made out of adamantite.


  • His birthday is on June 7.
  • The game Kazuma buys before dying is called Myriad Swords 2.