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Sena (セナ) is a royal prosecutor of Belzerg who is stationed at Axel.


Sena has long, straight black hair worn with hairpins for decoration and slick sharp purple tainted pupils with a voluptuous figure. According to Kazuma, she gives the impression of a secretary, being an intelligent beauty.

She usually wears triangular glasses and her prosecutor uniform, consisting of blue skirt suit and beret with golden trimmings and borders, white shirt with 3 bottom round cuff, red tie, pantyhose and court shoes.


Sena is a diligent person who takes very seriously her job, making sure her investigations and trial proceedings are conducted fairly. Although she looks like an ice queen, due to her tough attitude with suspects, as well as her high professionalism, Sena is more humble and polite with those who aren't criminals or suspects, becoming more subservient.

Although she is usually meticulous, due to her habit of hyperfocus in one subject, as well as getting carried away by both rumors and her suspects' bad reputation, Sena is prone to commit mistakes while conducting an investigation and falsely accuses a innocent for a crime, later apologizing humbly[1] or getting frustrated, on the verge of crying,[2] once she realizes her mistake.

Futhermore, Sena is secretly a "Boys Love" fangirl, being obsessed by homosexual relationships and getting ecstatic with the possibility all Axel men could be secretly homosexuals. This is her weak spot, as the succubi were able to bribe her, using their skills to help her live up her fantasies, in exchange of Sena turning a blind eye to their shop activities.[3]

However, because of her intimidating look, tough personality, workaholimism and obsession for BL, Sena is still single, and she does not take kindly hints to this fact.[1] Due to her despair, Sena even became the president of "The Association to Protect Women’s Chances of Marriage" and was bribed by the possibility of becoming more appealing to men thanks the succubi.[3]


For Sena's history, see her History tab.


Bell: Sena during interrogation regularly uses a magical bell that rings whenever someone in the room tells a lie.