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Seresdina (セレスディナ, Seresudina), more commonly known as Serena (セレナ, Serena), is a Dark Priest who worships the Dark God Regina and one of the Devil King's Generals, serving as head of the Espionage and Intelligence Division. She went to Axel in order to investigate her fellow General's disappearance, trying to approach Kazuma, pretending to be a fan wanting to join his party.


Serena is a young woman with a slender body who has black medium length hair with side-swept bangs, pretty black eyes and rosy cheeks with a mole on the left. She wears a long white coat with a cape, and a mace on her waist.


At first glance, Serena seems to be a priest role model: she looks like a responsable, dependable, honest, humble and courteous person. Serena is always willing to help those in need without asking for anything in return, and she is always polite and gentle with everyone around, although Serena does lecture them for their bad behavior and poor example when necessary.[1]

However, that is just a facade, since Serena is actually a manipulative, menacing and two-faced person, who actually helps those around her in order to brainwash them with the dark powers of the Goddess of Puppetry.[2] Serena is also a compulsive liar, who usually approaches Hero candidates and tell them a fake story about the Devil King being a cursed child in order to convince them to quit their journey to slay the last.[3]

Although she is a devout Regina's follower, always advertising her faith and spreading her word, as a Dark Goddess follower, Serena is merciless, threating to kill anyone who get in her way. However, she is also a coward, as while Serena acts disdainful when have the upper hand, she is easily intimated, submissive and prone to panic once she is overpowered or at the mercy of someone else.

Futhermore, after dealing with Kazuma, Serena became long-suffering, experiencing humiliation, harassments and hardships at his hands. Kazuma ended up driving her to a nervous breakdown multiple times while they lived together, making Serena desperate to get rid of him, even if that means to humble herself and beg. She is, however, very vengeful, trying to get revenge as soon as possible.[4]


Serena used to be a regular adventurer who started her career in Axel before she joined the Devil King's Army.[2] A Regina's follower, Serena regained her powers after her goddess' seal was broken by Megumin two years ago.[5] She was eventually ordered to go back to Axel to investigate her fellow generals' disappearance, which led her to Kazuma.[3] Serena tried to approach him pretending to be a fan wanting to join her party,[6] also following him to the Crimson Demon Village and trying to take control of the Mad Bomber Moguninnin, which resulted in the last going berserk.[7]

After Kazuma's party returned to Axel, Serena introduced herself to Kazuma, asking to join his party. Although her request was denied, she sticked around, and soon gained Axel adventurers' trust after supposed stopping a zombie rampage[1] (actually corpses reanimated by her own dark powers).[3] Serena later asked Kazuma for a private chat, telling a lie about the Devil King being a cursed child, just to her disguise being ruined by a wandering Wiz, who tried to greet her, and she was also extorted by Vanir, spending all her money in a useless product in exchange he doesn't reveal anymore info about her.[8]

After being exposed, Serena reveals their true intentions to Kazuma, realizing he isn't an actual threat to the Devil King, asking him to not reveal her identity to anyone, neither intervene on her plans, in exchange of not hurt anyone. After that, Serena started to help everyone in Axel, while advertising her faith, consequently gathering many followers and stealing Aqua's role as Axel Main Priest. Although she threatened him, after seing a depressed Aqua, Kazuma drop-kicked Serena from behind.[6]

After that, Kazuma started to investigate and harass Serena, in order to know more about her powers, as well as trying to defame her,[7] even hiring Dust to spread rumors about her,[9] eventually using his Bind and Wind Breath to expose her pants in public. Serena and her followers later pursued both Kazuma and Aqua to Wiz's Shop, and after once again spend all her money in a seemingly useless potions in exchange of Vanir not intervening on her plans, Serena eventually promised to leave the city and revoke both Kazuma and Megumin's bounties in the Devil King's Army, making Kazuma grateful and effectively brainwashing him.[7]

As Serena reveals about the Devil King's plan to send a small army to Axel, she turned Kazuma in one of her puppets, ordering him to break free of her inhibitions.[7] However, that led to Serena's downfall. After moving to Serena's, Kazuma ended up becoming too willingful, doing whatever pleases him, sexually harrasing her in exchange of his loyalty and spending all Serena's money on luxury, forcing her to ask money to her followers, releasing them of her control as result. And since Kazuma actually started to worship Regina, he also stole half of Serena's powers, including her Revenge skill. As he always resists to her attempts of release him from his puppet state, she decided to ask Aqua, Megumin and Darkness to take him back.[4]

After trying to bring a corpse army with her (falling because Kazuma stole the required power to use that skill), Serena came to Kazuma's mansion to beg his party to pick him back. After she was overpowered, Aqua menaged to release Kazuma by using one of the supposed useless potions, allowing Serena to briefly escape and use her powers to kill Kazuma,[4] being beaten-up by Darkness until they both passed out as result, and she was eventually arrested after her level was reset to 1 by a resurrected Kazuma, using another of the potions bought from Vanir.[10]

Serena eventually escaped after brainwashing a guard by showing him her pants,[11] following Kazuma to Arcanletia in order to take revenge. However, Serena ended up captured by the Axis Order and interrogated by Kazuma, eventually telling everything about the Devil King, his daughter and his castle barrier, particularly after Zesta realized that, by having sex with her, a man could feel the women's sensation of losing their virginity. After spilled the beans in exchange of being saved from Axis Order men, Serena was forced to convert to the their sect, losing her powers entirely and staying at the mercy of her new cult veterans.[12]


Holy Magic: Serena was a high-level priest who could use both healing and support magic.[1] However, as a Dark Priest, Serena could also cast multiple curses, that could petrify, disable body parts and even worst.[3] Also, as Regina's sole worshiper, Serena gained her full blessing, and although she lost half of her power after brainwash Kazuma, and also getting her level reset to 1,[4] Serena was still very powerful. She eventually lost all her powers after being forced to convert to the Axis Order.[12]

  • Puppet: Brainwashes anyone who felt in debt or thankful with the user. However Serena would lose control of a puppet if they completed a deed which made them feel as if the debt had been repaid.
  • Revenge: She could cause the same kind of damage or debuff that was dealt to her, in either a direct or indirect manner, on her attacker. If she dies, a large-scale curse area, around the size of Axel, would be cast, similar to the Death spell.
  • Death: A spell that instantly kills the target. This spell can only be used when Serena is the sole Regina's worshiper, as it had no effect on Darkness while Kazuma was sharing her blessing from Regina.
  • Marionette: Turns dead corpses into puppets. Since those bodies aren't real undeads, holy magic doesn't work against them.
  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds. However, the person can resist, preventing its effect.
  • Turn Undead: Creates a light that sends the undeads to the afterlife. It is unknown if Serena can actually use it or just pretend to use it.


  • Serena was the only human in the Devil King's army, using this to infiltrate in human towns.[8]
  • Serena is a smoker,[3] as well as a virgin.[12]
  • Serena is the weakest of the Devil King's Generals.[2]
  • Because her adventurer card shows her status as Dark Priest, Serena can't get the reward for any quest, since she can't show her card in the Guild.[4]
  • While traveling with Kazuma, she has earned the reputation of being a pervert. She would flash her panties on people in order to make them her puppets.[4]
  • She is the only Devil King's General who faced Kazuma's party who wasn't killed when defeated, instead being reset back to level 1.[13]
  • The Devil King used to have headaches with Serena often asking for donations in his castle.[14]