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Megumin's Adventurer's Card

Skills (スキル) are various abilities that an adventurer can learn through their Adventurer Card.


Skills are any number of abilities learned by spending skill points on empty skills displayed on one's Adventurer Card. Contrary to popular belief, they are not merely for monster extermination; rather, they form the bedrock that society is laid upon. Between the great number available and the variety of power each one can have, skills are essential for mastering many aspects of life within the Fantasy World, their broad specification allowing for any number of possible usages from everyday mediocrity to creating intricate works of art or unraveling the secrets of the arcane.

Skills help the user in various ways such as stealing items or increasing their attack power, and they can be trained through repeated usage. While the usage of magic is included under skills, when cast it is referred to as magic rather than a skill.

The adventurer class is the only one capable of learning every skill possible but is a class that comes with its own costs. While it may seem like a jack of all trades with its unique feature, it takes a great deal more skill points to learn abilities outside of a general category, and said skills must be taught or shown directly by someone who has them while also being less effective than the originals. As a result, many ridicule the class and those who are a part of it as weak and insufficient. Should one level up enough, however, they gain the ability to choose a specific advancement as long as they meet a certain base stat-line suitable for that job.

Every advanced class has its own unique features and locked skills, a certain amount of which become known to an individual upon picking it depending on their proficiency and aptitude with said class (for instance, if someone picks thief, they may learn how to cast Steal right off the bat, but not Bind); opening access to new skills often requires years of dedicated research and complete mastery over a class. Advanced classes are often picked up as quickly as possible, as becoming one not only grants a large amount of bonus skill points, but also reduces the cost for skills within that tree.

Skill Points[]

Skill points are acquired through leveling up or drinking expensive Skill-Up potions, and skill point cost is affected by the user's affinity to a particular skill. There is no known way to unlearn skills and refund their skill points. Therefore, it is preferable to save up skill points and learn the most powerful skills as soon as possible by avoiding learning beginner skills or skills from other classes. However, adventurers must learn some beginner skills, as otherwise, they wouldn't be able to fight, level up, or join a party. As one could imagine, this makes skill point potions or other safe ways to level up such as the onion duck, ruinously expensive.



Name User Effect Debut
Steal (窃盗(スティール)) Kazuma
Steals items in an area; what the user gets is random. The chances of better loot increase based on the luck of the user. Volume 1
Enemy Detection (敵感知(てきかんち)) Kazuma
Allows the user to sense hostiles using "Radar-like" pings. Volume 1
Lurk (潜伏(せんぷく)) Kazuma
Reduces user's visibility and scent.

it showcases its activation when the user disappears like a shadow.

Volume 1
Bind (バインド) Kazuma
Summons ropes that tie an enemy. Volume 4
Skill Bind Chris Prevents an enemy from using Skills. Volume 6
Treasure Detection Chris It detects treasures. Volume 6


Allows user to make a quick getaway. Volume 5
Wire Trap Chris Creates traps from wires. Volume  ​​​​​6
Detect Trap Kazuma Chris

It detects traps.

Success depends on Luck and Agility.

Volume 2
Disarm Trap Kazuma Chris

It disarms traps.

Success depends on Luck and Agility.

Volume  2
Lockpick Chris It allows a person to pick locks.

Volume 6


Name User Effect Debut
Bow ((ゆみ)) Kazuma


Allows the usage of Bow weapons. Volume 3
Snipe (狙撃(そげき)) Kazuma


Fires an arrow from a Bow or Crossbow.

Damage is based on Dex while Accuracy is based on Luck.

Volume 3
Farsight (先見(せんけん)) Kazuma


Allows a user to see far into the distance.

Also gives the user night vision.

Volume 2


Name User Effect Debut
Decoy (デコイ) Darkness Attracts the attention of monsters. Volume 3
Two-Handed Sword (両手剣(りょうてけん)) Darkness

(Refuses to get)

Allows the user to carry a two-handed sword or other heavy weapons. Volume 1
Physical Resistance (物理•状態異常) Darkness Resistance again physical damage Volume 1
Magic Resistance (魔法•状態異常) Darkness Prevent magic from taking effect Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut
One-Handed Sword Satou Kazuma The One-handed Sword skill raised proficiency with one-handed swords. Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut
Auto-dodge Satou Kazuma Allows the user to dodge any attack autonomously. Activation is dependent on one's luck. Volume 16


Name User Effect Debut
Drain Touch (ドレインタッチ) Kazuma
It can absorb and transfer stamina, vitality and stength from multiple targets via physical contact of the hand. Volume 2
Undead King's Hand (不死王(ふしおう)()) Wiz Gives debilitating debuffs on target with a physical touch.

Type of debuff is random.

Volume 4


Name User Effect Debut
Nature's Beauty


Aqua Spray water fountains from Japanese war fans. Volume 1
Versatile Entertainer


Aqua Allows an ally to be able to mimic voices. Volume 7


Name User Effect Debut
Black Smith (かぬち) Kazuma Ability to forge and fix weapons. Volume 4


Name User Effect Debut
Deadly BackStab Kazuma While unseen and undetected, this move has a chance of one-shotting an enemy from behind. Volume 17