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Skills (スキル) are various abilities that an adventurer can learn through their Adventurer Card.


Kasuma's card

Skills are any number of abilities learned by spending skill points on empty skills displayed on one's Adventurer Card.

Skills can raise proficiency or teach how to perform a specific ability, as well as produce specific phenomenons by using magic. The effectiveness is based on the user's stats and class, as well their affinity with said skill. Someone who dislikes water or have some trauma with it will need more skill points or may never learn water-based skills.

Those skills are divided in brands, with specific skills that can only be learned by a specific class type, although there are some general skills that can be learned by anyone (like Party Tricks). However the Adventurer-Class has the ability of learn any brand skill (but spending more points in it and none of them as effective as a specialized class). The skills aren't just for fighter jobs, as they cover all type of professions, like Blacksmith and Cook.

Every class has specific stats, that increases according to their field. For this reason, the Adventurer-Class isn't effective as a specialized class, since their stats don't increase that much and at the same level to each one, instead of just the required ones to use each skill brand. Advanced classes are the ones that possess better stats, so their skills are the most powerful and effective ones.

Skill Points[]

People are usually born with some skill points, based on their talent. In order to obtain more skill points, the said people must obtain experience points, or XP, which is a portion of other creature's memories and soul. The more powerful the creature, the more XP they offer. Once the person obtains enough XP, they will suddenly and dramatically grow in their abilities, a phenomenon called "leveling up". After the level up, the person will obtain one skill point which they can use to obtain new skills.

It is also possible to farm skill points by having someone else immobilize a monster in order to kill it easily. People can also get skill points by using Skill-Up potions, produced with rare materials, or eating food rich in XP. There are also rare monsters called Duxions, which are weak, but raise ones level and give two skill points once it is killed.[1]

There is no known way to unlearn skills and refund their skill points. Therefore, some people prefer not learn some basic skills of their class in order to get a more powerful one, like most Wizards skip Basic Magic in order to learn Intermediate Magic sooner. Some adventures also seek specific, but expensive skills, like Explosion Magic. Usually most adventurers learn all their required skills once they become Veterans (level above 30).



Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma, Chris Steal a target's item at random. The item value depends on the user's Luck. Volume 1
Enemy Detection


Kazuma, Chris Allows the user to sense hostiles using "Radar-like" pings. Volume 1


Kazuma, Chris Reduces the visibility and scent of the user and anyone or anything they touch. Volume 1


Kazuma, Chris, Sylvia Summons ropes that tie an enemy. Volume 4
Skill Bind


Chris Prevents an enemy from using Skills. Volume 6
Detect Treasure


Chris It detects treasures. Volume 6


Chris, Kazuma, Ran Allows user to make a quick getaway. Volume 5
Wire Trap


Chris Creates traps from wires. Volume  6
Detect Trap


Kazuma, Chris It detects traps. Success depends on Luck and Agility. Volume 2
Disarm Trap


Kazuma,Chris It disarms traps. Success depends on Luck and Agility. Volume  2


Chris It allows a person to pick locks. Volume 6


Name User Effect Debut


Keith, Kazuma Raises proficiency with bow and arrows. Volume 3


Keith, Kazuma Increases the distance and accuracy of an arrow. Damage is based on Dexterity while Accuracy is based on Luck. Volume 3


Keith, Kazuma Allows a user to see far into the distance. Also gives the user night vision. Volume 2


Name User Effect Debut
Physical Resistance


Darkness, Ignis Ford Dustiness Resistance against physical damage. This skill also affects both weapons and clothes. Volume 1
Magic Resistance


Darkness Prevent magic from taking effect. This skill also affects both weapons and clothes Volume 1
Debuff Resistance (All Types)


Darkness Separate skills corresponding to different status ailments Volume 1
Side Slash


Darkness A full powered horizontal slice Volume 6
Bare-Handed Blade Block


Darkness Stops an overhead slash by slapping bare palms on both of the blade's flat sides. Kappore Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut


Darkness Attracts the attention of monsters. Volume 3
One-Handed Sword


Kazuma, Taylor Raises proficiency with one-handed swords. Volume 1
Two-Handed Sword



(Refuses to get)

Raises proficiency and accuracy with two-handed swords. Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma Allows the user to dodge any attack autonomously. Activation is dependent on the user's Luck. Volume 16


Name User Effect Debut
Drain Touch


Kazuma, Wiz, Payne Absorbs MP and HP from a target, which in turn can be transferred to somebody else. Volume 2
Undead King's Hand


Wiz Gives debilitating debuffs on target with a physical touch. Type of debuff is random. Volume 4
Herald Death


Beldia A curse which kills the target after a set period of time Volume 1
Hypnotic Gaze


Wolfgang Crow Hypnotizes the victim by staring at their eyes. Detour Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut


Leader Succubus Seduces the target, putting them under the user's control. It does not work against the undead. Consulting With This Masked Devil!


Newbie Succubus Controls with what the target dreams about. It's done by touching their forehead and casting the spell. Limelight Volume 1

Party Tricks[]

Name User Effect Debut
Nature's Beauty


Aqua Spray water fountains from Japanese war fans. Volume 1
Full Force Sheep Imitation


Aqua Imitation of a sheep by getting on all fours and bleating. Kappore Volume 1
Escape Magic


Aqua Allows escape from a seemingly inescapable location or situation. Kappore Volume 1
Hundred Hazes


Aqua The ultimate party trick. Once it is activated, it takes half of a day to finish. Volume 15


Name User Effect Debut
Explosion Magic Increase (爆発系魔法威力上昇(ばくはつけい まほう いりょくじょうしょう)) Megumin Increases the power of Blasting, Detonation and Explosion Magics. Volume 1
High-Speed Incantation


Megumin Decreases the time of incantation Volume 1


Name User Effect Debut
Rune of Saber


Mitsurugi A magical sword strike. Volume 17


Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma, Dwarves Ability to forge and fix weapons, armors and other objects. Volume 4


Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma Gets better at cooking. Volume 7


Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma Allows better craftsmanship at sewing clothing. Kappore Volume 2

Elemental Master[]

Name User Effect Debut
Spirit Barrier (精霊障壁) Barrier Stone A skill that uses spirits as a shield to prevent attacks. Volume 16


Name User Effect Debut
Deadly Backstab


Kazuma One-hit kills the target in their back if certain conditions are met, as being undetected. Success rate based on Luck. Volume 17


Name User Effect Debut
Set Trap


Kazuma Increases the power and activation chance of any trap. Volume 17

Dark Stalker[]

Name User Effect Debut


Kazuma The ability to secretly listen to a conversation from a distance. Volume 17


Name User Effect Debut
Lip Reading


Kazuma Understand what someone is saying as long as the user can see their mouth. Volume 11
Gore Resistance Kazuma Resistance against nausea induced by a gruesome sight. DeTour Volume 1
Poison Resistance (毒耐性) Dwarves Resistance against poison and alcohol. Trivia


  • Skills with japanese names were created by reincarnated japanese, while skills with english name were created by the Parallel World natives.