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Soketto (そけっと) is a member of the Crimson Demons and a fortune teller in the Crimson Demon Village.[1]


Soketto has flowing long hair and her clan's deep crimson red eyes. Even among the village, she is acknowledged to be the most beautiful of the Crimson Demons.


Soketto is a strong-willed and diligent person who likes to train, and like most Crimson Demons, she often spends time in the mountains near the village practicing her moves and magic spells. Soketto also has a liking for weapons.

Also, despite she have a friendly demeanour, Soketto is resentful, and is willing to beat[1] or use her divinations to spread the secrets of those whom anger her.[2]


Soketto was known to be studious ever since her school days, and frequently visited the library of the village school to read all kinds of books, though eventually she phased out reading for physical training in the forest outside the village.[3] Yet ever since graduating and opening a fortune teller business, Soketto found herself constantly stalked by Bukkororii, whom she pretended not to notice despite finding it vexing.[1]

One day when taking her walk through the village and browsing the general store, she heard Megumin and Yunyun nearby discussing a cool-looking wooden sword, thus promptly purchased it and walked outside before Megumin could finish asking a question to her. Subsequent to some test swinging, Soketto started kicking trees to dislodge falling leaves that she could hack at, only to be blown into the air when the stalking Bukkororii suddenly cast Tornado at her. Managing to land safely by casting wind magic, she walked off into the forest after being unable to find the culprit nearby. Soketto proceeded to fight against a sloth of One-Punch Bears, and was barely able to shield herself with a water barrier from the Inferno cast by Bukkororii.[1]

As Bukkororii emerged from hiding (which in the anime involved creeping close while making himself invisible in an attempt to peak under her skirt)[3] alongside Megumin and Yunyun, Soketto furiously demanded to settle their scores then and there. After beating up the bewildered NEET, she heard from Megumin and Yunyun how he was simply hoping to have his future lover divined, and thus agreed to perform a free divining session. Her crystal ball however didn't show anybody, causing Bukkororii to run off in tears before Soketto could ask him why was he always stalking her.[1]

Soketto later helped divine the future of Mitsurugi when he came to the village looking for a mage to join his party, and advised him to protect a priest of the Axis Order who would change the fate of the world.[4]

Following the attack by Servants of the Dark God, Soketto divined how it was Megumin's Explosion that wiped out the Demons, which showed up in the first place because Komekko had released the Dark God from her seal. The fortune teller accordingly invited Megumin to her store for a free divination, and foretold the young Arch Wizard how she was destined to head for Axel, where she would join the party of a peculiar young man, though upon seeing all the upcoming demented particulars as well as the catastrophe befalling the village, Soketto refrained from elucidating further.[5]

Soon after Megumin headed for Arcanletia, Soketto divined how in the upcoming future, the city would upon its hot springs showing anomalies face a dire threat from somebody working for the Devil King. Writing down her divinations into a sealed letter in hopes of warning the local police, she asked Yunyun, who was about to head for Arcanletia also, to have it delivered.[6]

When the Devil King's Army led by Sylvia began constantly attacking the village, Soketto was one of the regular resistance fighters who caused no small losses to the monsters.[7] Then after Sylvia managed to raze the village through merging with the Mage-Killer, Soketto joined the villagers' counterattack in order to buy time for Kazuma and Aqua to seek a way for fighting against the contraption. During the process, she feigned being cornered in order to draw Sylvia's attention, even putting up a dramatic show of parting with Bukkororii before Teleporting out, before partnering up with him to Teleport Yunyun who was acting as bait to safety.[8] (In the anime, Soketto joined the "Red-Eye Dead Slayers" vigilante force organised by Bukkororii against the Devil King's Army, and while driving off another wave of Goblins participated in the rescue of Kazuma's party. She also followed Bukkororii to the underground storehouse where Sylvia kidnapped Kazuma to, and later let Wiz drain her magical power so she could empower Megumin and Yunyun's final attack)[9]

Subsequent to the heist at the Royal Castle by the Silver-Haired Thief Gang, Soketto was asked by the royal knights to divine the thieves' location, which she only managed to identify as somewhere in Axel.[10]

Soon after Soketto figured out the reason why Bukkororii's future lover wasn't showing up in her divinations, she began beating him and his vigilantes up under the pretext of "training".[11] The fortune teller was also asked by Mitsurugi to divine the whereabouts of the runaway Aigis, at which she simply told him that the suit of divine armour was sexually harassing waitresses at Nerimaki's family pub.[12]

During the Devil King's Daughter's attack on the Royal Capital, Soketto appeared to be part of the Crimson Demons force taking part in its defence.[13]


Based on Bukkororii's stalking, Soketto regularly gets up at 7 "in a display of healthy lifestyle". After putting her sheets into the laundry basket, she brushes her teeth and washes her face while waiting for her breakfast which is always udon to cook, "making efficient use of her time". Soketto, "like a good housewif"e, then washes her sheets along with the dishes she had left submerged in water after last night's dinner, before going to take a morning bath. "In a further show of cleanliness", Soketto will wash the clothes she had taken off immediately after bathing.

Next she takes a walk through the village for a couple of hours, where she wanders various shops. She eventually returns home and sweeps the front and insides of her store, then spends the rest of the business day inside waiting for customers, though in the case nobody comes she will cutely go outside to do stretches or look out for customers.

When it's time for her daily training, Soketto heads into the forest alone to hunt monsters and "gloriously" make battle with Fire Drakes, which she likes to freeze and laugh at being her favourite game. Subsequent to the returning home all sweaty, Soketto eats dinner and takes her evening bath before going to bed.[6]


Because of her diligence in training daily against monsters, Soketto had levelled up into the 50s, something that is rarely seen even among Crimson Demons.[1]

Divination: As the Crimson Demons' foremost and only fortune teller, Soketto is able to predict the future to some extent using her magic, though nothing will show up if it is something concerning her own destiny.[5]

Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Soketto is a powerful Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic. According to Bukkororii, she prefers using lightning-based spells.[1]

  • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
  • Lightning Strike: Summons bolts of lightning from the sky to strike their opponent.
  • Light of Saber: Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target.[9]

Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to marked locations.


Crystal Ball: The tool Soketto uses for displaying her divinations.

Wooden Sword: A wooden sword with a dragon etched onto it.


  • It was indicated that Soketto borrows power from Vanir for her divination.[14]