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Soketto (そけっと) is a member of the Crimson Magic Clan and a fortune teller in the Crimson Magic Village.


Soketto has flowing long hair and her clan's deep crimson red eyes. Even among the village, she is acknowledged to be the most beautiful girl of the Crimson Magic Clan.


Soketto is an extremely agreeable person who likes to train and often spends time in the mountains near the Village practicing her moves.


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Magic Clan members, Soketto is a powerful mage who can use various intermediate and advanced spells.

  • Divination: As the Crimson Magic Clan's fortune teller, Soketto is able to predict the future to some extent using her magic. She is considered the #1 fortune teller in the village.
  • Inferno: An advanced spell capable of incinerating objects or living beings within a certain radius. When Soketto combines it with Bukkororii's Tornado, she can create a devastating tornado of flames.
  • Lightning Strike: An advanced spell that allows the user to summon bolts of lightning from the sky to strike their opponent.