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Succubi (サキュバス) are dream demons who feed on men's vitality.


Succubi looks like beautiful women with a body all men would dream about, in order to seduce them, with a mature and voluptuous look (although one succubus in Axel looks like a young and underdeveloped girl). They usually wear sexy lingeries, however Succubi also wear regular clothes in order to remain incognito in the city.

Being demons, they have bat-like wings and arrow-tip shaped tails that they can hide in order to remain incognito.


Succubi are low-ranked demons specialized in absorbing the lust of men, by giving them all types of erotic dream. However, since men are necessary for their survival, they aren't a dangerous type of monster, as succubi prefer to sell their services to men, in exchange of vitality and protection,[1] or creating a nausty, but harmless, dungeon like the Labyrinth of Desire in the Royal Capital.[2]

However, succubi are the enemy of women, as they both compete for the men's attention, and the last sometimes choose a business relationship with a succubus over dating actual women.


  • Incubus (インキュバス): Male dream demons who feed on women's vitality. They usually wear a gothic outfit.[3]
  • Succubus Queen (サキュバス女王): If a powerful succubus, who experienced both hope and deception, puts a drop of her blood in a magical candle, she will become a demon powerful enough to destroy a whole city.[4]


Succubi are low-ranked demons who feed on men's vitality and use their strength to fight.[5]

  • Charm: Seduces the target, putting them under the user's control. It does not work against the undead.
  • Dreams: Controls with what the target dreams about. It's done by touching their forehead and casting the spell.
  • Flight: Succubi have the ability to fly in the sky using bat-like wings.
  • Intermediate Magic: As low-ranked demons, succubi can use mind-affecting intermediate spells.
    • Paralyze: Makes a person unable to move.
    • Sleep: A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice.
  • Bat Tamer: Some rare succubi can communicate and control bat-type monsters.

Notable Succubi[]


  • Succubi and Tranquility Girls don't get along well, since they both charm men.[6]
  • Succubi and Incubi don't get along well too, since they steal each other's clients sometimes.[3]
  • Succubi also appear in Natsume Akatsuki's manga Kemono Michi, where they are rivals to vampires, since they both compete for the most beautiful monster place and feed on men's life.
  • In Natsume Akatsuki's novel Combatants Will Be Dispatched! there is a succubi's variation, who looks like a young-looking girl who tempts people with non-erotic dreams, named Lilim (リリム, Ririmu).

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