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Sylphina Ford Dustiness (ダスティネス・フォード・シルフィーナ) is Darkness' cousin.[1]


She is described as the spitting image of a younger version of Darkness, having the later's face, hair and eyes. Many people within Axel confuse them to be mother and daughter as a result.


Although Sylphina is a bit shy and have poor health, she is actually a lively and curious kid who loves to play, like playing house and video games. Also, due to her aristocrat education, Sylphina is already a righteous, polite and responsable person, although she is still a bit impressionable. Futhermore, since her mother died early and Darkness was always there for Sylphina, she grew up seeing Darkness as a mother, often calling her "mommy" even in public, to Darkness' despair.[1]


Sylphina lost her mother to illness when she was still an infant, and so Darkness took up the role of a mother for her frail cousin. Years later as the Devil King's army began large scale mobilisations, Sylphina's father at Ignis' suggestion sent her to Axel for safety,[1] though during the trip Sylphina became infected by the Choleran Disease without anyone noticing.[2] Hearing about Kazuma's mansion and heading there for a visit, Sylphina surprised the party when she initially referred to Darkness as her mother. Megumin soon grew attached to Sylphina, and had played house with her while dragging Kazuma into it.[1]

Taken by Darkness to the orphanage on the next day so she could play with children her age,[3] the disease residing within Sylphina finally released toxins that rendered her and all other children unconscious. While the other children were treated with magic, Vanir concocted the formula for a complicated antidote needed for curing hosts like Sylphina, the final ingredient for which was the nails of a High-Ranked Demon.[4] As the ingredients were being gathered, under Aqua's Healing Magic Sylphina managed to regain consciousness as well as cling onto life, and was accordingly cured after the final ingredient got obtained from Zeeleschilt by Kazuma, Darkness, and Chris.[2] The party subsequently invited her on a picnic at the lake.[5]

As she regained her health, Sylphina went around thanking Wiz,[6] and later to other adventurers at the Guild, while she afterwards attended the school set up by the Dustinesses.[7] Sylphina following a visit to Wiz's Shop also expressed interest in the cute appearance of Zeeleschilt.


Unlike Darkness, who inherited both her parents' Physical and Magic Resistance, Sylphina inherited both her parents' physical and magical weakness. For such reason, she has a poor health.[1]


  • Not just Sylphina and Darkness' fathers are sibling, as Darkness' mother is Sylphina's mother's older sister.[1]