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Sylvia (シルビア, Shirubia) was a Growth Chimera and one of the Devil King's Generals, serving as the director of the Monster Enhancement Division.[1] She was ordered to lead an attack on the Crimson Demon Village by retrieving an ancient weapon sealed in the Village, which led to a large-scale conflict against the Crimson Demons and Kazuma's party.


Sylvia sports free-flowing bangs that are highlighted red and long, straight hair partially kept up in a bun at the top. She has animal-like purple eyes (yellow in the Light Novel) and pointy ears similar to an elf, leading Kazuma to believe she might be some kind of demon.

At first glance, Sylvia looks like as a towering, voluptuous and attractive human woman. She was so attractive that Kazuma seriously considered defecting to the Devil King's Army to be with her. As a Chimera, Sylvia possessed traits typically unique to both males and females, having big breasts and the figure of a woman, but also traces of a beard and male genitalia.

Sylvia wears a crimson leather one-piece dress with low cut made from the skin of lesser demons, white-sleeved gloves, brown stockings, dark-red shoes, a gold necklace and a single blue earring on her right ear. She usually carried a rope around with her to use for the "Bind" skill.

After absorbing the Mage-Killer, the lower part of Sylvia's body takes on the shape of a metallic snake with gem inscriptions.[2] In the anime, subsequent to reviving and merging with Beldia and Hans, her lower body acquires a metallic semi-arachnid form around a blue semi liquid core and limbs, while her red dress is replaced with orange spikes that cover her breasts.[3]


Sylvia was a proud and charismatic leader, who truly cared about her minions, appreciating their love and worshipping, and even protecting them from the Crimson Demons' attacks.[3] She also grew resentful by the way the Crimson Demons treated both her and her soldiers, with her voice getting deeper and sounding more masculine by the anger.[1] Sylvia was astute too, correctly guessing Kazuma wasn't Mitsurugi by the low quality of his blade,[1] as well as realizing he knew the code that allows her to have access to the Mage-Killer.[2]

Sylvia was also a lustful and flirty woman with a seductive aura, getting excited by trapping Kazuma over her own body[1] and boasting about her technique in bed.[2] While she did enjoy cute boys, being willing to spare them, Sylvia hated pretty girls, showing no mercy for them. In the anime version, she also became desperate for romance, realizing happiness and satisfaction aren't the same thing after her death experience, and desiring from the heart a relationship in order to be truly happy.[3]


Not much had been specified about Sylvia's origins or early life, except that she was initially male. While whether was Sylvia born a Chimera capable of assimilating living creatures and magical items into her physiology to grow stronger had not been clearly mentioned, it is known that by the time she met Kazuma, a lot of her physiology including her breasts was artificially moulded through absorption, and maintained some characteristics of demons and devils.[1]

While serving as a General in the Devil King's Army who oversaw the enhancement of monsters, one day Sylvia was called to fight Wiz when the Lich stormed the Devil King's Castle. Yet despite being renowned as having the greatest magical resistance out of all the Generals, Sylvia was quickly defeated upon Wiz Drain Touching her of magical power.[4]

Perhaps because of her magical resilience, Sylvia was sent with an army to annihilate the Crimson Demons, who were highly proficient at magic, as well as pillage from the Crimson Demon Village a weapon that was rumoured to be capable of destroying the world. Initially underestimating the tribe of crazy mages' power, and only half-heartedly agreeing to also seek out the Mage-Killer for nullifying the villagers' magic when a subordinate expressed his concerns, the General soon realised her mistake once she became the sole survivor of a magical barrage that wiped out her squadron composing of Oni[5] (or Goblins in the anime)[3].

Despite Sylvia's great magical resilience, it became apparent following repeated unsuccessful attacks that her forces were no match for the Crimson Demons,[6] and an attempt at isolating before taking out the villagers one-by-one also failed due to them being capable of Teleporting out of danger, instead trapping her with slime in the process,[5] which eventually prompted Sylvia's objective shifting to obtaining the Mage-Killer.[1]

When leading a sneak attack on the village from the direction of Megumin's home, Sylvia was surprised to be faced with Darkness who kept tanking her attacks despite not dealing any in return. The party of Darkness soon arrived on scene alongside other villagers, and upon the party leader who identified himself as Mitsurugi Kyouya boasting of how he had defeated Beldia, Vanir, Hans as well as the Destroyer, the General chose to brave a retreat under fire from the villagers rather than fight the famous bearer of the cursed sword.[1]


She proceeded to send another raid into the village centre that night as a diversion for her to find the Mage-Killer, only to run into the same adventurer from before, who angrily charged her for ruining his happy time with Megumin. To Sylvia's surprise, she easily blocked the common sword he wielded, at which the adventurer had to confess his real name of Kazuma Satou. With Aqua also arriving on scene, Sylvia Binded Kazuma between her huge breasts in order to take him hostage, yet Kazuma instead enjoyed the sensation. Surviving a blast of Aqua's Sacred Exorcism due to not being a pure Demon, Sylvia after Darkness showed up goaded Kazuma to defect, something he actually considered while enamored by her breasts. Starting to feel attracted to Kazuma herself, she let slip about her used to being a man, before shocking Kazuma into unconsciousness with an erection.[1]

Sylvia accordingly kidnapped Kazuma to the underground storehouse in the village where the artifacts she was aiming to obtain were stowed, yet discovered that the Barrier Breaker she carried was incapable of opening the door sealed by a lock nobody knew how to unravel. Next hearing Kazuma blurt out how he could read the ancient script on the lock for releasing the seal, through threatening to pleasure him, Sylvia successfully forced Kazuma into inputting the commands to open the door. But as soon as she ventured into the dark interior of the storehouse, Kazuma closed the door to trap her within. This though didn't stop Sylvia from discovering the Mage-Killer, and despite not knowing how to operate the machine, she managed to activate it by merging the ancient weapon into her body.[2]

With this newfound powerful transformation, Sylvia was able to break out of the underground storehouse. As the Crimson Demons alongside Kazuma's party fled from her body now immune to magical attacks, she proceeded to raze the Crimson Demon Village to the ground. The villagers though soon counterattacked, and despite their spells having no effect on Sylvia, all of them including Soketto, who she tried to isolate and eliminate, managed to evade suffering casualties by Teleportation[2] (therefore in the anime, Sylvia subsequent to shielding the survivors of her army from a magical barrage activated Ancient Dispel to reduce the villagers into helpless chuunibyous who could only run from her army's onslaught)[3].

Sylvia's attention was soon drawn by Yunyun, who after dramatically introducing herself as the chief's daughter (and crushing the remainder of her army with a landslide in the anime)[3] issued the Chimera a challenge, only to run off at the last second towards the hidden Bukkororii and Soketto for them to Teleport her away. Barely having the time to be furious, Sylvia subsequently noticed Kazuma and his party setting the sights of a weapon looking like a railgun on her. She thus chased after them while vowing to hunt down all of the cowardy Crimson Demons to the last, but at the retort by Komekko focused her attention on mocking Megumin who had not cast a single spell, though the Explosion Megumin cast ended up appearing to be a dud. Mad at appearing to be made a fool of again, Sylvia charged straight at the party, only to die an ignominious death when Komekko pulled the trigger of the railgun and shot her clean through.[2]

In the anime, however, just as Sylvia was dragged across the river towards the afterlife by Beldia and Hans, her persistence for living to seek love instead allowed her to drag herself in addition to the souls of her dead colleagues back to the world of living into a monstrous amalgam consisting of all three Generals' characteristics as well as the Mage-Killer. She proceeded to scream about unable to find true love, before attacking Kazuma's party along with Yunyun and Komekko with a tide of corrosive slime, only to have it frozen by Wiz who arrived alongside Vanir. Calling the Lich and the Archdemon turncoats, the merged Generals shrugged off the Vanir Dolls and Wiz's magic unleashed upon them. Yet after getting distracted by Vanir who fought by possessing Darkness' body, Kazuma came back professing his love for Sylvia. Enamored by his confession, Sylvia merged Kazuma into her chest, but while she was preoccupied with him, Megumin and Yunyun cast at her a powerful spell composed of an Explosion tipped by Light of Saber. Initially attempting to resist, at Kazuma sweet-talking to her, Sylvia finally let down her guard, and allowed the Explosion of Saber to pierce Kazuma before blowing both of them up.[3]

Also in the anime version, Sylvia's ghost started to haunt a psychologically-traumatized Kazuma, until his mind was healed by getting financial stability after he found a mallet that drops gold coins.[7]


Skills: Sylvia is able to use the Thief skill "Bind", summoning ropes for tying up her enemy, leading Kazuma to speculate that she could be a Thief general of the Devil King.

Chimera Anatomy: Sylvia is able to add organic and artificial parts to herself, gaining their properties and skills.

  • Mage-Killer: By merging with the ancient weapon called Mage-Killer, Sylvia can nullify the effects of magical attacks on her.
    • Ancient Dispel (エンシェントディスペル): A function of the Mage-Killer, in which an anti-magic barrier is generated around Sylvia to prevent anyone in range from using magic, in addition to enhancing her magic resistance.
  • Physical Resistance: As a Chimera already well known for resistance against physical damage, Sylvia's resilience was enhanced after fusing with the Mage-Killer, allowing her to survive a full physical bombardment of Vanir Dolls.
  • Magic Resistance: As a Chimera already well renowned for their incredible magical resistance, being only part Demon meant that Holy Magic no matter how powerful isn't fatal to Sylvia. After merging with the Mage-Killer, her already impressive magic resistance was greatly increased, to the point where even Explosion Magic might not have damaged her.
  • Fire Breath: The skill to breath out fire. It's unknown if Sylvia could use this before fusing with the Mage-Killer.
  • Tentacles: In the anime version, instead of using Bind, Sylvia can grow tentacles from her back.


Barrier Breaker: A magical item that breaks magic barriers and seals, and Sylvia being a Devil King's General carried a powerful version of it. It was used in her attempt for opening the door in the Underground Storehouse, though to no effect.


  • Sylvia's breasts were parts added to her body artificially.[1]
  • Due to her anti-dramatic fate in the novel, her fight against Kazuma's party and friends was expanded in the anime.
  • The Devil King used to have headaches with Sylvia's insistence to merge herself with anything at every available chance.[8]
  • Sylvia's erection sticking into Kazuma's butt was so traumatic to him, that for a period long after her demise, he still had nightmares and hallucinations about it in addition to freaking out at men approaching him from behind.[7]
  • In the initial web novel, Sylvia's goal was simply to destroy the Crimson Demons, and did not involve the Mage-Killer.
    • She had instead merged with a centipede monster brought along when conducting the night raid after getting wounded during Kazuma's kidnapping, and instead of the storehouse brought him to a cave outside the village, where she threatened to absorb and place him as hostage in an awful spot on her body so his companions won't attack her.
    • When Kazuma managed to escape by poisoning her, Sylvia absorbed the magic item in his backpack that he had bought from Wiz's Shop, and as a result got her magic resistance nerfed but gained invincible defence and a magical barrier. But despite weathering the villagers' spells, she was at the end defeated by Megumin's Explosion.
    • Surviving thanks to her defence buff, she got captured and experimented on by the Crimson Demons, who split out all the other creatures she had merged with, before Teleporting the original Sylvia to the territory of Orcs.