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Taylor (テイラー) is a crusader and the leader of the party consisting of Dust, Keith, and Rin.


Taylor is a bit taller than the rest of his party and has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a headband, a sleeveless shirt with a necktie, a pauldron armor on the shoulder, a trousers and leather boots. He carries a large sword.


As a Crusader and the leader of his party, Taylor is confident in his own abilities, doing his best to keep his party members safe by standing in front, as well as his leadership capabilities, being shown to have the ability to quickly give commands to his party members as soon as they enter combat.

He is also more kind towards others, unlike Dust and Aqua who initially made fun of Kazuma for being a weak class, Taylor didn't say much about his class and simply tried to keep Kazuma away from battle, that was before he learned how Kazuma could use a wide variety of skills to defeat enemies and began to respect him despite his class.

Because of his stoic nature, he is viewed in a much more favorable light than the other two males in his party; when Dust and Keith are compared to him, heaps of praise are piled on him while insults are flung at the former two.


Swordsmanship: Like the average Crusader, Taylor uses a sword and is likely quite skilled with it.

Shield Proficiency: Taylor wields a shield in addition to his sword. Shields require training to use properly, so it is assumed that he possesses this ability.

Decoy: A skill that attracts the attention of enemies, thus redirecting enemy attacks towards the user. This skill was seen to be used during the Battle of Axel - where he attracted the attention of Kobolds, allowing Dust to exploit their openings.