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Taylor (テイラー, Teirā) is a crusader of the Eris Order, and the leader of the party consisting of Dust, Keith, and Rin, whom resides in Axel, the Town of Beginners.


Taylor is a bit taller than the rest of his party and has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a headband, a sleeveless shirt with a necktie, a pauldron armor on the shoulder, a trousers and leather boots. He carries a large sword.


As a Crusader, Taylor has a more serious and stoic personality. As a party leader, he is conscientious, working hard to command his party in battle. Taylor is also a bit sarcastic, by the way he teased Kazuma, but Taylor is respectful too, complimenting Kazuma's quick-thinking and inventiveness.[1]

Taylor is also famous in Axel for his inflexible attitude. Although he has a lighter reputation than his more troublemakers party members, because Taylor is more law-abiding, men in Axel don't let him know about the Succubus Cafe.[2] Also, unlike his party members, Taylor is even-tempered.


For Taylor's history, see his History tab.


One-Handed Sword: Raises proficiency with one-handed swords.

Shield: Taylor usually fights using a shield, using it to both defense and attacks.

Decoy: A skill that attracts the attention of enemies, thus redirecting enemy attacks towards the user. This skill was seen to be used during the Battle of Axel - where he attracted the attention of Kobolds, allowing Dust to exploit their openings.


  • In the anime, Taylor not just knows about the Succubus Cafe, but he is one of their costumers as well.[3]
  • Taylor sometimes hang outs and drinks with Kazuma in secret, so both can vent about their troublesome party members.[2]