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There are many different types of terminology in Konosuba covering various subjects.


Eris: Eris is the name given to currency in Konosuba, named after the Goddess of the same name. They are minted with copper, silver, gold, and mithril. Each mithril coin is worth 1,000,000 eris, and according to Aqua, one eris is roughly the same value as one Japanese yen.

Skills: Abilities that an adventurer can purchase from their status card

Status Card: An Identification card with accurate details about a person's strengths, occupation, and skills.

Class: A group of RPG-Like jobs that offer related skills and status growth based on the job. Ex. A mage (class) may learn basic magic (skill) and get improved mana capacity (status) at level up.


  • Belzerg: The Kingdom of Belzerg is the principality in which the vast majority of the Konosuba universe takes place, and the main front in the war against the Demon King.
  • Axel: Known as the town of beginnings, Axel is the location in which every famous adventurer born in the Fantasy World worth their salt can trace their own beginnings back to.

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