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There are many different types of terminology in the KonoSuba universe covering various subjects.


FantasyWorld Currency

Eris: Eris is the name given to currency in the Parallel World, named after the Goddess of the same name. They are minted with copper, silver, gold, and mithril. Each mithril coin is worth 1,000,000 eris, and according to Aqua, one eris is roughly the same value as one Japanese yen. They also exist in banknote form.

Tribes: The classifications given to clans of human or demi-human races.

Monsters: Creatures that generally do harm to people.

Cultural Works: Creations of culture by the world's inhabitants, ranging from books and literature, to tales and drama.

RPG System[]

Adventurer: A part-timer who fight monsters outside town, by taking temporary jobs (quest).

  • Beginner Adventurer: An adventurer those level is below 20.
  • Intermediate Adventurer: An adventurer with level above 20, but below 30.
  • Advanced Adventurer: An adventurer with level above 30.

XP: A portion of slayed creatures' memories and souls.

Level-Up: Sudden and dramatic grow of someone's stats after collecting enough XP, as well the gain of one Skill Point.

Adventurer Card: An identification card with accurate details about a person's stats, class, skills and a slayed monsters list.

  • Strength (筋力): Psychical strength, physical toughness and atletic ability.
  • Vitality (生命力): HP or health.
  • Intellect (知力): Intelligence and knowledge (separate from common sense).
  • Magical Power (魔力): MP or magic power.
  • Dexterity (器用度): Ability and accuracy to handle weapons and tools.
  • Agility (敏捷性): Quickness and sense of balance.
  • Luck (幸運): Good fortune.

Class: A group of RPG-Like jobs that offer related skills and status growth based on their class.

Skills: Abilities that an adventurer can purchase from their status card using Skill Points.

Magic: A method of attack, defense, or support, used by certain classes such as wizards and priests.

Cheat: A powerful weapon or a special power granted by Aqua to the reincanated japanese.


Adventurer Guild: A governmental organization that helps adventurers find works or supports them.

Merchant Guild: An organization that buy monster materials from merchants.

Hunter Association: A organization that submits requests to the Adventurer Guild on behalf of the hunters.

Nobles: Aristocrats of high political, economic and/or social standing due to hereditary means.

Bandits: People who commit crimes ranging from robbery to treason, and eke out a living outside the law.


Parallel World: A RPG fantasy world under the threat of the Devil King. It's under Eris' jurisdiction.

Japan: A more prosperous and peaceful Earth nation, compared to the Parallel World. It's under Aqua's jurisdiction.

Afterlife: The great beyond the soul of the decease go after they died, where they must choose between reincarnate as a baby or go to Heaven. 1 minute there is equivalent to 3 months in Japan and 7 months in the Parallel World.

Heaven: The place the good souls go after they died and the lair of the Gods. It's a boring place without stuff like video games, manga or TV, where the disembodied souls can only gossip or sunbathe.

Hell: The place where wicked souls go after they die, it is also the lair of Demons, and is divided in territories governed by the high-ranked demons and archdemons, while the atmosphere is thick with mana.

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