Crackpot theory time! What if if Kazuma isn't the one who forced Aqua to descend?

What got me thinking is that Eris spends at least some of her time at work basically playing RPG-s. Why isn't she replaced? Remember, Konosuba's world requires actual managing god approval on resurrection for it to succeed. Sending a goddess down to a shitty place like that wonderful world hardly can be done without some authorization from above. 

Look at the situation this way:

>You are a boss at some angelic department doing soul managing work for several universes.

>A friend of yours is calling an old debt: his daughter is looking for work.

>Problem is she's lazy, carefree and unmotivated.

>Okay, you say, I can put this chick under my wing doing simple work, hard to fuck up. 


By being rude and uncaring to the very souls she's supposed to guide, littering the world with cheat items, basically making one of the demon lords.

>What's worse, you already had a good trainee managing that world, who's like the polar opposite of this blue-haired nuisance, doing all the work anyway.

>Since it's promise to your friend, firing the bitchy princess isn't really an option. 

Heh, >fire Aqua

>What you do instead is change the rules, allowing this loophole 

>Oh, the user can take ANYTHING in this room with them. ANYTHING. *wink-wink*

You notice how fast and rushed all this descension scene is? As soon as Kazuma wishes Aqua to go with him - BLAM! - angel immediately rushes over to take the reigns. 

A bit later we find Eris taking her place rightfully, probably doing this work better than Aqua could even if she wanted to. 

And if that old friend of yours asks why is his daughter taking a nap in stables - redirect the blame to Kazuma / say that rules are absolute / talk it off as some *IMMERSIVE PRACTICE*

And you basically promoted hard-working Eris who's been pulling almost all the weight.

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