Hi guys, nice to meet you all. Names is Vizard, and I'm an new admin here...but you can just call me insert blank. hahaha

I'll probably update with more stuff later, but here are some questions I've seen flying around so far, and things I want to say for now.

In regards to the episodes, trivia should keep major speculation on spoilers to a minimum, since opinions vary from individual. The same opinion might not be shared by the same person, so to prevent future arguments, they should be left out. They trivia section should be more like Easter Egg facts.

As for the distinction between plot and summary, summary is around 3-4 sentences, while plot is as lengthy as the writer chooses. While it may seem repetitive to some, that is where the beauty of writing comes in. With different writing styles, it is possible to write the same thing completely different using the same language. For those interested, I'd challenge you to be as creative as possible. Let your inner chuunibyou flow.

Oh, and without dragging the mood down to much. I just wanted you to know that I have zero tolerance for users who insert gibberish or spam onto the pages. If you don't provide an explanation to me on why that happened, expect both a proportionate and immediate block afterwards.

I'll probably make an update blog explaining more, and other future plans I have for improving the wikia. My message wall should be open for the most part for further questions.

Until next time,


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