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Early Life[]

Vanir ani

Being one of the Dukes of Hell, Vanir was part of the oligarchy that ruled Hell, and had since primordial times warred with the gods themselves, who he won't hesitate to kill unlike with the mortals granting him sustenance through their negative emotions.[1] As the millennia passed, he became a celebrity figure among the denizens of Hell especially with the younger Demons, many of whom were infatuated by him to the point of willing to lose lives for it.[2]

At some point in time, Vanir who manifested a small part of himself into the living world through his mask signed a contract with the Devil King to help maintain the barrier around his castle, and accordingly became one of the Devil King's Generals. However, the Duke of Hell generally didn't perform actual work, but spent his days mostly hanging around the Devil King's Castle to taunt the minions for their negative emotions, with shapeshifting into attractive women to tempt them before revealing his identity being a common tactic.[3]

Having a bounty on his head set by the Kingdom of Belzerg, he played it to his advantage by hiding within a chest placed at the end of a high-level dungeon close to the kingdom's royal capital, where he would jump out and scare the adventurers who ventured inside because of the rumours about a Devil King's General located there. Vanir thus found himself visited by Wiz alongside Brad and Rosary, and upon their first meeting feigned defeat before revealing him still being alive just as the party was Teleporting out. For the following months, Vanir would be attacked every week by the party, whom he taunted for negative emotions through means like blurting out their inner secrets, possessing Rosary to make lewd performances in front of the others, or shapeshifting into Wiz and proposing to Brad. Despite the party's best efforts to defeat him, the vastly overpowered Archdemon swept aside all their attempts, and over time cowed Brad and Rosary. Eventually, Wiz, whom Vanir began noticing to be dim-witted when it came to buying magic items, used a flawed one capable of generating an impenetrable barrier, which for the duration of a month not only trapped Vanir but also shielded him from the party's attacks, forcing the trio to go fight another General.[3]

After the barrier fizzled out, Vanir returned to popping out of a chest to scare adventurers, though they all turned tail and fled upon seeing him instead of fighting like Wiz's party. Then one day, a determined Wiz utilising forbidden magic items that burned up her life force in exchange for boosting her powers came alone to duel with him. Subsequent to a ferocious battle, Vanir having nearly lost a life managed to defeat Wiz, who offered to sign a contract where he removes the death curse cast upon her whole party by Beldia in exchange for her soul. The Archdemon however had no interest in her spent soul, and instead taught her a forbidden ritual for turning into a Lich as gratitude for all the fun she gave him. Vanir soon afterwards got tired of scaring adventurers, and headed back to the Devil King's Castle where he continued to taunt the Oni manning it for negative emotions, until one day the castle was stormed by Wiz, who not only turned into a Lich but also acted much friendlier to him.[3]

Late Winter Arc[]

Having harboured a death wish coupled with a pursuit for exotic negative emotions for an long time, Vanir began coming up with a plan to fulfill it, which entailed of him constructing a perfect dungeon for adventurers to raid, and once they defeat his carefully selected monsters to reach his throne room, the Archdemon will show them a treasure chest for them to open after he is vanquished, yet the chest actually contains nothing but a mocking message, so the adventurers will release exquisite disappointment that Vanir can savour as he fades into oblivion. To this end, Vanir used the opportunity of the Devil King ordering him to Axel for investigating the disappearance of Beldia to visit Wiz, hoping to utilise her business as a front for earning the construction fees of his dream dungeon. However, on the way he passed by Keele's Dungeon which lacked a master, so deciding to claim it for himself, Vanir fashioned many Vanir Dolls to clear out all the existing monsters inside. Yet to his dismay, the Archdemon found himself unable to enter the master chamber because an extremely powerful holy magic circle drawn inside was keeping him out, forcing him to sit just in front of its entrance as he worked on the Vanir Dolls.[1]

Sometime later, Vanir was approached by Darkness and Kazuma, who informed him of the Vanir Dolls wandering outside the dungeon. Stopping the production of the Vanir Dolls since it now meant that there were no more monsters left to purge, Vanir after introducing himself summarised his goal of building his perfect dungeon for him to die in as well as visiting Wiz, before looking into the adventurers' thoughts and blurting out their humiliating secrets in addition to the embarrassing ideas they had for each other. Next feeling curious when Kazuma asked to enter the master chamber so that he could erase the magic circle, the all-seeing Demon peered deep into his memories, and discovered that not only was Kazuma a reincarnate from another world, but the creator of the magic circle was none other than Aqua the Goddess of Water who was presently sipping tea outside the dungeon. Overjoyed at the opportunity to kill a nemesis of his kind, Vanir offered to let Kazuma and Darkness enjoy themselves in the bed of the master chamber if they would let him get at Aqua. Darkness though overcame the temptation and attacked him, then thanks to the unintentional intervention of Kazuma managed to carve Vanir's clay body in twain.[1]

Vanir however reformed his clay body to mock the jubilant pair, before throwing his mask at Darkness' face to possess her[1] (while in the anime Vanir's mask directly flew itself onto Darkness after she hacked apart his body)[4]. Yet contrary to his expectations, Darkness felt only pleasure at her body being taken, and kept interrupting Vanir's dialogue much to his irritation, so Vanir prepared to leave her body, only to be trapped inside it once Kazuma slapped onto the mask an evil-sealing sticker that he could not remove. Vanir therefore gradually advanced his possession of Darkness so that by the time Kazuma brought her near the dungeon's exit, he was able to fully suppress Darkness' consciousness and take over her body, though when the Archdemon overtook Kazuma and raced out the exit in order to cut an unsuspecting Aqua down, he instead got blasted by her Sacred Exorcism upon setting foot outside. Shielded from the full effects of the deadly exorcism magic by Darkness' body, Vanir briefly bickered with the goddess, before utilising the full extent of Darkness' body to dodge further exorcism spells as well as defeat the group of adventurers brought along by Sena. But just as he cornered Aqua and proceeded to kill her, Kazuma stepped in to remove the sticker trapping him in Darkness' body. Because of Aqua's aura interfering with his mind-reading abilities, Vanir was unable to read Kazuma's intent, therefore he boosted his powers trying to stop Kazuma from Stealing the sticker, yet Kazuma instead burned it off by Tinder. Vanir anyhow remained fastedly stuck on Darkness' face so Aqua couldn't completely purify him, only to have Darkness instruct Megumin to blow her and Vanir up with Explosion. Faced with an impossible choice that spelled demise either way, Vanir out of an Archdemon's pride chose not to be purified by a goddess, then under the ensuing Explosion achieved his death wish.[1]

Having lost a life and therefore freed from his contract with the Devil King, the former General proceeded to manifest his second remaining life into the living world through a new mask. Vanir next headed to Wiz's Shop where just as previously planned, he signed a contract with Wiz to help her business grow big and profitable so that he could construct his dream dungeon. After explaining his rebirth to the respectively astonished and embarrassed Kazuma and Darkness upon their next visit to the shop, Vanir proposed a money-making business deal with Kazuma that he prophesied the otherworlder and the heiress would need in the upcoming future,[5] setting the stage for his long and complex plan of liberating Maxwell from enslavement by Alderp.[6] Thus for the remainder of the winter, Vanir was provided samples of otherworldly goods that Kazuma designed and built prototypes for, following which the Archdemon through his own connections set up a pipeline for their manufacture and sales, with the kotatsu being one of the first products pushed out,[7] and in return he paid Kazuma one-tenth of the sales profit.[8]

Settling himself into Axel, where the Adventurer Guild simply put him under scrutiny[8] while the Succubi from his fiefdom in Hell who ran the Succubus Cafe came to pay their respects,[9] Vanir soon made himself a popular figure among the neighbourhood housewives for teaching a lesson to those who didn't properly categorise the rubbish they threw out,[10] and his exploits at chasing away the crows rummaging through the rubbish dump earned him the title "Crow Slayer".[8]
(In the audio drama, it was during this period when Wiz was asked by the Guild to perform a quest against Ghouls, prior to which Vanir surreptitiously made a deal to sell Aqua a magic item for repairing smashed vases that she desperately needed. Upon the party and Wiz assembling at the shop again on following day, Vanir just as Kazuma accused Aqua of breaking his prized vase the previous morning announced the arrival of that magic item the goddess had requested, then after receiving the payment, revealed how the said "prized vase" was actually a cheap knockoff which the vainglorious Kazuma got conned into buying at a fortune)[11]

One day Vanir was wandering the city's streets, when he noticed Yunyun in an alleyway being hit on by two men as part of the set up for a heroic rescue from Dust. Interested by the Crimson Demon girl, Vanir gave the delinquent adventurer a kick, then as Yunyun and Dust respectively turned hostile and bootlicker upon realising his identity as an Archdemon, introduced himself as a benign resident of Axel. After seeing through Dust's true identity, Vanir along with him offered to help the lonely Yunyun find friends, though their initial discussion at a restaurant, where Vanir and Dust annoyed the waitresses to Yunyun's embarrassment before coming up with useless friend-making ideas, ended up without results. Vanir accordingly decided to set Yunyun up as the first customer of the consultation service he had pressured the Guild into borrowing him a space for, though she outright rejected his suggestion for her to become friends with Dust. Later witnessing Dust's failed attempt at having Rin become Yunyun's friend, Vanir shapeshifted into Rin before chasing after Yunyun who had run off in tears, and tricked her into agreeing to be his friend. He subsequently revealed his identity in order to taste Yunyun's delicious negative emotions, then informed her of Rin rejecting the offer out of fear that she would fall prey to Dust's antics, which in effect secured the appreciative Yunyun as his free helper at the shop.[10]

Being Yunyun's friend, however, meant that Vanir had to assist her when she worked to match Dust and Darkness together. During their meetings over the matter, the location of which had to be changed from a restaurant because of his and Dust's antics to the general store regularly pestered by the delinquent, Yunyun's ideas of romance moves on and gifts for Darkness turned out to differ greatly compared to those of him and Dust. Some days later when the trio wandered into some alleyways as their efforts had gone nowhere, they were alerted to a woman screaming, which turned out to be Darkness excitedly getting cornered by some masked men aiming to kidnap her. Following Dust's directions of not interfering, the amused Vanir along with Yunyun peeked from the side at him jumping out to play hero, until reinforcements of the kidnappers arrived while an expert assassin sneaked into the vicinity. Realising that Dust would not be able to beat them, the observing pair enacted a plan to scare away the kidnappers by pretending that police were approaching, in which Vanir shapeshifted into a policeman leading Vanir Dolls made to look like police. Vanir was subsequently rewarded with a feast of negative emotions after Darkness declined dating Dust, which caused Dust to insult her as well as Yunyun, in turn prompting the upset girls to hunt him down for hours.[12]

Early Spring Arc[]

Vanir paid a visit to Kazuma's mansion one day, and managed to barge through the magical barrier Aqua had set up around it, albeit having his clay body turned all battered and cracked. After a brief fight with Aqua, he reviewed more goods Kazuma had designed, before offering to pay him 300 million eris upfront for their intellectual rights. Yet several days later, he was shown by Wiz a huge shipment of magical portable toilets, which were actually unsellable because the flawed product floods the nearby area and attracts monsters. Furious at the sorry excuse of a shopkeeper wasting money on junk again, Vanir zapped Wiz to a crisp with his Murder Ray, then when Kazuma arrived asking to postpone the sale of intellectual rights because his party was headed to a vacation at Arcanletia, suggested him to take the unconscious Wiz along, so that in the meantime those portable toilets could be packed into crates for return.[8] Next taking out the rubbish and chasing away a crow, he waved off the Succubi kissing up to him, before settling into the kotatsu which he allowed a visiting Yunyun to share, though he also tricked her into buying a tangerine with layers of peel.[13]

He was eventually unsuccessful with returning the magical portable toilets, but when Yunyun was assembling a house of cards at the shop, a Dust freshly released from jail came to grumble about his party members taking a temporary member on a quest instead of him. Foreseeing an opportunity, Vanir toppled the house of cards by dumping the crate of magical portable toilets on Yunyun's table, before offering Dust any one magic item from the shop for free if he would bring Yunyun somewhere else. He proceeded to explain the functionality and flaws of the portable toilets as well as an orb storing Lightning magic which can only shoot straight down, and subsequent to Dust refusing the flawed products, ganged up with Yunyun to criticise the delinquent's personality, before advising Dust to keep his guard up. Vanir's expectations were soon answered when a few hours later, Dust frantically ran back to the shop and demanded a series of magic items.[14] The all-seeing Demon accordingly marched into the Guild the following day, right after Dust was given a sum of money by his party members when the four of them made up, before seizing the whole amount as payment for the magic items that Dust had taken in excess of the one offered for free.[15]

After taking a weak and unconscious Wiz into his care subsequent to Kazuma's party returning from Arcanletia,[16] Vanir expressed displeasure at Wiz purchasing a magic item capable of sending people to Japan, prompting her to worriedly sell it off to Kazuma's party[17] (and in the audio drama, he appeared to be the only one who remembered that at the closing minutes of the party's trip, Kazuma had left his encrypted hard drive filled with his secret stash of pornography out open for the world to see)[18].

Yorimichi 1 10
Yorimichi 1 4

As the shop faced eviction from its location thanks to Wiz's efforts at making deficits, Vanir desperate for extra income followed Kazuma and Megumin to their daily Explosion one day, then appeared just as Kazuma was contemplating an item for facilitating the transportation of the limp Megumin, and to the Archwizard's disbelief successfully sold him a baby sling. Several days later, Vanir walked around the city fraternising with housewives and selling Vanir Dolls used for scaring away Ghosts, before suddenly turning to confront Aqua and the accompanying Kazuma who were stalking him. Next letting the goddess trail him to see if he was up to no good, Vanir headed to a part-time job at a vegetable stall which Aqua later joined, prompting him to engage in a vegetable selling contest with her by promoting Horai Carrots.[19]

In the meantime, he also found himself a great source of sustenance with the assistance of the Succubus Cafe, through the means of the Cafe offering a "special service" ticket obtainable by raffle, following which he shapeshifted into a Succubus to approach the anticipating winner at night, before revealing his identity and feasting on the disappointment released. Since most of the winners were adventurer patrons of the Cafe who stayed at inns for the Succubi's dreams, the shame of them using the Cafe's services and being tricked by Vanir ensured that they kept their mouths shut, and any screams of frustration upon him throwing down his disguise were later claimed to be caused by nightmares. This allowed Vanir to continue pulling this off for many days, during which Kazuma also fell victim to the scheme.[19]

Cursed Ring Arc[]

Absent from Wiz's Shop on the day Kazuma brought in the cursed ring he had picked up for assessment, Vanir found it hilarious when the party frantically came back the next morning, asking about the ring that had not only gotten stuck on Kazuma's finger but also made him steal somebody's panties and got him punched by Aqua. He proceeded to explain how the ring was created by the mage brother of a perverted noble, in an attempt to placate the regrets of the noble who under social pressure had to refrain from his pursuit of stealing panties. Next asked to remove the ring, Vanir instead asked for a 30 million eris removal fee from Kazuma, citing that the enumerations on the ring was so complex, even an Archdemon like him would require lengthy effort and exotic materials to break. For the purpose of amusement, he subsequently went on a trip so Kazuma for a period couldn't seek his aid.[20]

Returning during a night Kazuma Stole panties again, Vanir upon his visit to the shop on the following morning zapped Wiz unconscious, before warning Kazuma how the ring's effect of progressively making him Steal more panties than previously with each full moon would end up draining him to death.[21]

Kazuma and his companions visited him a month later for consultation about his proposal of making money through selling books, though subsequent to the troublemaking Aqua getting smacked before dragged outside and Wiz asking to have the consultation done for free, the all-seeing Demon advised him to forget that idea.[22]

Vanir in the next month became the target of an angry Aqua charging into the shop, due to her suspecting him of attempting to break into the party's mansion during the previous night, though after some conversation Kazuma managed to pacify the rabid goddess into leaving.[23]

A month later, Kazuma's party came petitioning Vanir to lower the ring removal fee, yet the Archdemon remained steadfast and refused to budge on his demand. Then when the Guild assembled the city's adventurers to fight against the Skull Dragon heading their way, Vanir awaited the arrival of Kazuma and his companions as they came to ask about its relation to the ring. Subsequently seeing off Kazuma while he led the others to fight, Vanir clandestinely mocked the human foolishly walking to his fate.[24]

Magical Stones Arc[]

Vanir one day was asked at the shop by Kazuma's party to assess a shard of magical stone that Aqua had picked up,[25] and upon reading the memories of the shard, realised its identity as one of the legendary Devil-Sealing Magical Stones. Despite long acknowledging how the records indicating their ability to grant any wish when all seven of them are gathered were nothing but tall stories, Vanir was astonished to discover the stones' true purpose as containers for sealing a powerful monster, which could be unsealed once all of the stones were placed upon an altar on the Island in the Sky. Yet for the sake of tasting the best disappointment from Kazuma's party once they found out the whole truth, he instead proposed purchasing each unbroken magical stone for 10 million eris apiece, so that Kazuma's party would run around gathering them up for him.[26]

Having thrown away nearly all of the shop's inventory due to them being unsellable,[27] he was soon presented with an intact magical stone that the party unearthed from the neighbourhood ruins, though with Aqua refusing to part with her magical shard and Megumin wanting to keep the powerful stone instead of selling it, Vanir simply let the party go talk it out.[28] For facilitating the search of the magical stones, Vanir also commissioned the creation of a magic radar that could detect the locations of the magical stones once inserted with Aqua's shard, which he tasked Wiz with delivering to Kazuma's party.[29]

When the party came to the shop sorting through various wares in preparation for their trip to the Temple of Everlasting Summer, Vanir used the fact that Kazuma's had used the Succubus Cafe's services the previous night as leverage to let him and Wiz join in the search for the magical stones, so that he could check out more dungeons as well as taste their negative emotions.[30] Following the discovery of the one hidden in the research facility beneath the ancient ruins, however, he got complained at by Aqua for the magic radar only detecting one stone at a time, and thus explained that the remaining stones activating one at a time was the problem.[31] And subsequent to the magical stone buried in the snowfield forest being blown out of the ground along with a hot spring, Vanir also went to take a dip.[32]

Heading to the Guild some time afterwards, Vanir was pestered by Aqua who complained of the magic radar being broken because it showed the final magical stone moving around, so he explained how it was actually the dungeon containing the stone that was on the move. He next listened to Sena coming to offer a reward for adventurers to scout out that moving dungeon, and convinced Kazuma's party which was reluctant to go explore the dungeon, later described by Kazuma as a Shangri-La, with an offer to pay extra for the full set of seven magical stones. Upon the party later on presenting him with all of the stones, Vanir offered to buy them for 300 million eris, though he also cited the lack of funds on hand as a reason not to pay immediately.[33]

When the party returned to the shop on the following day, hoping to head for the Island in the Sky where according to rumours, the seven magical stones need to be placed upon an altar there in order to grant any wish, Vanir offered to let them borrow his Magical Giant Vanir Mask for making the initial trip at a discount price if he and Wiz were allowed to tag along. Later as the gang trudged through the extensive network of corridors, Vanir explained as the shard glowed with increased intensity that the altar was nearby. When the altar was finally found, he instructed Aqua into placing all the magical stones upon it, allowing the magic flowing out from the island's nexus to release the seal imprisoning the monster within the Devil-Sealing Magical Stones. Vanir accordingly boasted in glee of his scheme to set up the release of that monster in order to taste the delicious disappointment of Kazuma's party once they found out the truth of the magical stones, though he too was surprised at the said monster turning out to be something looking like a two-headed dragon. The all-seeing Demon proceeded to read from the gathered stones' memories about the story of how their Japanese creator had created the Imitation Dragon as well as the Devil-Sealing Magical Stones for containing it, before the rampaging monster which Vanir only intended to unseal without further purpose flattened him. The Archdemon who reformed a new body then bickered with an Aqua amused at his humiliation, until the Imitation Dragon began attacking the gang and forced them to flee back to the grasslands outside Axel. Next discovering that Aqua had smuggled her shard of magical stone with her as they made their escape, Vanir analysed the three possible outcomes this would cause, following which the final and worst one became true as the Imitation Dragon tracked them to the ground.[26]

While the Imitation Dragon started rampaging at the gates of Axel, the commotion attracted the gathering of adventurers who accompanied them on their search of the magical stones, with whom Vanir and the gang fought alongside against the monster. In the final stages of the battle, under Kazuma's instructions Vanir unleashed his Vanir Dolls to hit the Imitation Dragon's feet for immobilising it so that the killing blows could be made. The all-seeing Demon however expressed no intention of apology afterwards for starting the whole ordeal, thus the piqued party members of Kazuma proceeded to teach him a lesson.[34] He consequently joined the other adventurers in celebrating their victory at the Guild.[35]

Black Slab Arc[]

Vanir one day made himself scarce at the shop, only leaving behind a cryptic message he had tasked Wiz into passing onto Kazuma, which advised him to "keep the lost property", a clear reference to the Black Slab picked up by the party.[36]

Subsequent to a mysterious man covering himself in a black robe dropping off recipes for generating a set of clothes called the School Invidia at the shop, Vanir concocted another recipe for generating the Leather Lest, and delivered both recipes to Kazuma's party who were forced to generate clothing with the said effect for some nobleman, while at the same time stocking up some of the needed ingredients to sell them. Upon the man in black robes returning to drop off the recipe for the Idol Superbia which Kazuma's party was once more ordered by the nobleman to generate, Vanir also concocted the recipe for the Pure Doll and had Sena hand them both to the party.[37]

As word of Kazuma's party now generating various sets of wondrous clothes with different effects spread through the city, resulting in many requests for clothing sent to Kazuma through the Guild, Vanir also concocted the recipes for them before wordlessly delivering the stack to Kazuma.[38]

Following the party being forced to generate the Sexy Luxuria, he concocted the recipe for the Sexy Formal that Wiz was tasked with delivering, before again handing Kazuma more recipes for the miscellaneous clothing requests at the Guild. Vanir later generated the recipe for Charming Roomwear, which he asked Sena into delivering to the party.[39]

After everything was settled with Wiz having tested out enough numbers of various clothes, Vanir upon Wiz inviting Kazuma to the shop blurted out his secret desires, then following a discussion about goddesses and demons, zapped Wiz unconscious for purchasing huge amounts of faulty potion at outrageous prices, which he proceeded to dispose of while Kazuma took the shopkeeper away. Vanir later agreed to Kazuma's plan of generating with the Black Slab a set of clothes that can be sold at a fortune as extra income for the shop, and accordingly concocted its recipe through making Kazuma stare at Wiz and looking into the otherworlder's thoughts. Intruding into Kazuma's mansion on the next day after the party generated a school uniform worn by a gal-game's heroine, Vanir dragged a Wiz dressed in that set of clothes outside for parading it around town, so her fans would be enticed into buying it for thousands of eris.[40]

Mid Spring Arc[]

Vanir had a squabble with Aqua when her party made a visit to Wiz's Shop, before the shopkeeper Teleported the four of them part of the way to the Crimson Demon Village.[41]
(In the anime, he was taken there by Wiz who wanted him to meet her chief supplier Hyoizaburoo, though by that time the village was already in flames courtesy of Sylvia. After Wiz saved Kazuma and his companions from being melted by slime, Vanir read Kazuma's thoughts for a situation update, including the bit about him allowing Sylvia to absorb the Mage-Killer. With the Growth Chimera along with the Beldia and Hans she had merged into herself calling him and Wiz out as turncoats, he tried blowing them up with a swarm of Vanir Dolls in order to prevent them from telling the Devil King about him still being alive, though to no avail. Vanir thus possessed Darkness so that together they could deal attacks that land on the Devil King's Generals, allowing Kazuma to enact his plan for finishing Sylvia off)[42]

Cursed Relic Arc[]

After Kazuma and his companions were Level Drained back to rookies and lost their equipment on top of Kazuma being forced to repair an ancient relic belonging to Lundberg or face execution for treason, Vanir took it as an opportunity to profit from them through Wiz's Shop.[43]

When Kazuma visited the shop for ways to get past Giant Toads in the underground sewers running beneath the neighbourhood ruins, the all-seeing Demon mocked him for having to wash himself clean of frog slime in the mansion's yard, before failing to sell him the overpriced and impractical Frog Killers, and had to settle with selling him the cheaper Frogicide instead.[44]

Vanir later foresaw a visit by Kazuma when he sought Heat Rings for his party's trek into the lethally cold snowfield forest, though by that time the magic item had ran out of stock due to the overabundance of Snow Sprites creating high demand. Threatening Dust who had heard about Kazuma's fix into abandoning the idea of importing Heat Rings from other cities to sell at a high price due to it creating competition for the shop, Vanir afterwards produced the less effective Hot Rings for Kazuma to buy.[45]

Returning to Axel from a trip to the royal capital where he got exasperated at Wiz purchasing junk again, Vanir dragged her to Kazuma's mansion the next morning while Aqua was out, where the remaining party members explained Lundberg's treachery, Rav's betrayal and the release of Wallavy during the prior night. Foreseeing Wallavy currently located at the Temple of Everlasting Summer in addition to the calamity that would befall should its threat not be stopped, he shoved Wiz into Kazuma's party for serving as an insurance on top of preventing her from ruining the shop further, though not before Level Draining her so that the adventure would become more interesting.[46]

Several days later, Vanir enjoyed the disappointment emitted from the visiting party of Kazuma over their failure to stop Wallavy, then advised them to search the Great Tree Labyrinth before joining in their party, though he also lowered his own level to match them.[47] After the party ran into thick branches blocking their way and at Aqua's suggestion ran back to the shop looking for weedkiller, upon Wiz notifying them of weedkillers being out of stock, Vanir who mocked Aqua missing her hagoromo suggested for them to gather ingredients so that Wiz could formulate the weedkiller "Insta~Wilt".[48]

At some point during the period, in order to earn extra income for offsetting losses incurred by Wiz, Vanir opened next to the shop a childcare center for the children of working and adventuring parents. He soon hired Kazuma to work as an assistant on this job that could heal his feelings, while enjoying the children already developing skills in deceit used for cheating at games. Yet one day, the two of them went to the childcare center after questing, only to discover some of the children had ran outside to play. Hurriedly rushing out to search, they found those children playing hide-and-seek at the neighbourhood ruins, where one of them was cornered by a Beginner's Bane Kazuma promptly cut down. Vanir accordingly advised the impressed child to keep this adventuring heart until he grew up to be an adventurer who bought from Wiz's Shop, then suggested Kazuma to open up a childcare center after retirement from adventuring.[49]

Following many adventures and battles alongside Kazuma, Vanir joined him in defending Axel from the attack of a supergiant Wallavy. After battling its final mutation, he possessed Darkness in order to hack out chunks of Wallavy's body, before they split so that he could zap them away, and finally assisted with sweeping aside Wallavy's multiple smaller clones for allowing Kazuma and Aqua to go destroy its core.[50] Several days later, when all the adventurers who had fought in the battle were drinking at the Guild in celebration, Vanir enjoyed the delicious warabi mochi Aqua had cut out from Wallavy.[51]

Late Spring Arc[]

Having stocked up a huge supply of popular products, such as the oil lighters designed by Kazuma as well as replicas of his mask, Vanir planned to make an fortune at the shop on the day those products were pushed out to market, only to find Aqua drawing away all the attention through her performances at the storefront. Angrily confronting the goddess over this obstruction of business in addition to her previously spraying holy water on the shop's doorknob, he managed to get operations back on track once the rabid goddess was restrained. Later teasing Kazuma over his relationship with Megumin, the all-seeing Demon gifted him a replica Vanir Mask with buff effects [52] (which in the anime was a special black one)[53]. He continued with making a profit from all the sales in the ensuing days, while also defying Wiz and Kazuma's attempts at letting him and Aqua reconcile.[54]

Early Summer Arc[]

With the shop's business unprecedentedly booming, Vanir ordered Wiz to work endlessly without food or sleep, in which she operated the shop by day and produced goods at night, so that she won't have any free time to cause blunders. Two weeks into the cycle, however, the shopkeeper's moods turned funny as she began crying or laughing without reason, prompting Vanir to let her take a rest.[55]

Visited by Kazuma with Aqua and Darkness in tow when he came asking about the payment for his intellectual property, the Archdemon started out by arguing with the pest of a goddess before handing Kazuma the money. Since the all-seeing Demon's plan of using Darkness' plight to free Maxwell was reaching fruition at that point, he subsequently offered to foretell the heiress' fortune the old way using a crystal ball, citing the interference of Aqua's presence for the reason. While waiting for the results to show up, Vanir tricked Darkness into answering a series of embarrassing questions for passing the time as well as her negative emotions, though this later got his mask pulled at by the distraught Crusader sporting signs of a ruinous future.[55] He anyhow proceeded to without going into the details give Darkness a cryptic warning over the illness plaguing Ignis' and Alderp's calling of the debt that House Dustiness owed him[56] as well as her futile efforts to forestall the calamity with her sacrifice, and finally offered the choice to escape her fate by eloping with Kazuma.[55]

Following Darkness' departure, the all-seeing Demon was challenged by Aqua to foretell the future of her "dragon" in addition to giving her money-making tips, and was consequently mocked when he explained how using his powers for selfish gain will end badly. Vanir thus retaliated by foretelling a "teriyaki chicken" hatching from Aqua's "dragon's egg", then talked Kazuma out of spending his earnings on the Succubus Cafe by reminding him of the earlier advice about designing new products to earn even more money for saving Darkness. Accordingly enraged when Aqua gave a prophecy stating that his hard-earned money will all be wasted by Wiz, Vanir proceeded to start a fight with her, though some days later he helped Wiz take care of Aqua's egg when the goddess went to fight the Kowloon Hydra.[55] During the ensuing week, he was also consulted by the Guild over the whereabouts of the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade, but despite knowing them to be somewhere in Axel, the all-seeing Demon somehow was unable to pinpoint their exact location.[10] Vanir eventually let Wiz take some rest, only to have her to purchase an exploding pendent for dying adventurers that not only blows up enemies but also their loved ones.[56]

Finally on the day of Darkness' marriage to Alderp, in which all the pieces of the all-seeing Demon's plan were arranged to fall in place, Vanir paid a visit to Kazuma's mansion bringing along billions of eris. Brushing aside Kazuma's indignancy at seeing him instead of Wiz, the Archdemon offered to buy out all of the reincarnate's remaining intellectual property, when he was suddenly blasted to bits by Aqua's Sacred Exorcism and had to regenerate a new body. Following a round of bickering with her, he explained to the pair how Darkness sold off nearly all of her family's assets to foot most of the bill slapped onto the party because of Aqua's flood damage on Axel during the battle against Beldia, Alderp who somehow got away with his innumerable crimes refusing to aid farmers whose livelihoods were destroyed by the Destroyer prior to its destruction but instead loaning a fortune to Darkness so the Dustinesses could enact the aid in his place, as well as the terms of the loan being that Darkness has to repay with her body if Ignis who was now dying cannot pay off the debt within his lifetime. Seeing Kazuma driven into an unstoppable cold fury, the all-seeing Demon seized the chance to goad him into accepting the business offer, which coupled with Kazuma's savings was just enough to pay off the 2 billion eris debt.[56]

Despite Vanir having to warm Aqua's chicken egg while she was off ruining the wedding ceremony, the ensuing feast of exquisite embarrassment emitted by Alderp over his bride being snatched away courtesy of Kazuma made the humiliation worth it. The Duke of Hell that night made his way to Alderp's basement where the furious governor was busy stomping Maxwell for his powerlessness at preventing the debacle, then once Alderp who was enraged out of his wits began contemplating ending his contract with Maxwell after ordering the Adjuster to bring Darkness to him, just as the all-seeing Demon had planned for, Vanir shapeshifted into the said heiress and proceeded to seduce the governor, prompting him to gleefully declare the contract with Maxwell ended as well as promise to pay the price he owed to the Demon. With his goal achieved at last, the all-seeing Demon shapeshifted back to his normal form in order to enjoy another helping of disappointment from the shocked governor.[6]

Accordingly introducing himself for the umpteenth time to his forgetful fellow Duke of Hell, Vanir divulged how he had used Kazuma and manipulated events, so that not only will he be able to liberate Maxwell from slaving away without pay under Alderp, but also savour the rare negative emotions given off as a result. As Maxwell who finally remembered to collect his due broke Alderp's arms for the ensuing emotions of despair, his fellow Archdemon informed the panicking governor about the crimes which he had depended on the Adjuster's powers to cover up destined to be exposed now that the contract had ended, resulting in his wealth and status getting confiscated and forcing him to pay off his debt to Maxwell through his negative emotions. Further calculating how the price payable that had accumulated during the many years Alderp had exploited the Adjuster for facilitating his ascension amounted too much for the governor to pay off within his natural lifespan, the all-seeing Demon suggested Maxwell to bring Alderp back to Hell, where he can take his time torturing all the despair out of the governor nonstop. Vanir soon afterwards left the terrified Alderp to his well-deserved fate, before heading back to work at Wiz's Shop.[6]

At some point during the period, Vanir published a photograph album consisting of his nude shots, which attracted crowds of Succubi and Incubi into lining up at the midnight sale event, despite some of them losing lives from excitement upon flicking through the pages. Surprisingly finding a curious Kazuma also in the line subsequent to the inventory being sold out, the Duke of Hell sold his valued customer the backup copy left on hand, and was accordingly rewarded with Kazuma's disappointment from seeing only a "nude" mask in the album.[2]

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