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Vanir Dolls (バニル(にん)(ぎょう)) are the various dolls looking like Vanir that the Demon fashions out of clay.


Vanir Dolls are characterised by the signature mask of Vanir over their eerily smiling faces as well as his tuxedo. Their sizes range from knee-high figures with babylike body proportions, to life-size mannequins that can pass for the real Vanir.


Like how he fashions the body he manifests into out of clay, Vanir can also create other clay dolls looking like him for various purposes, ranging from attacking to warding.


  • Self-destructing: Knee-high self-autonomous dolls that are used as walking bombs.[1]
  • Warding: Small immobile dolls imbued with Vanir's devilish powers and thus can scare away weak monsters, but will also laugh madly in the middle of the night.[1]
  • Decoy: Totally identical replicas of the clay body Vanir usually inhabits.[2]


  • Self Destruct: The self-destructing dolls can approach and attach themselves to moving objects before exploding.

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