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Walther Barnes Alexei (アレクセイ・バーネス・バルター) is the adopted son of Alderp.[1]


Walther is a handsome man with mid-length brunette hair and described to be around a head taller than Kazuma. Despite not having the signature blond hair and blue eyes, due to his commoner origin, he wears formal attire befitting his status as a noble.


Unlike his father, Walther is a noble model, being a cordial and altruistic, who usually advises the Axel citizens and makes donations to the poor, reason why he is praised by the whole town, unlike his hateful father. Walther is also very gentle and unselfish, giving up his marriage with Darkness, although he was interested in her, after realize her feelings for Kazuma, playing along with her lie and leaving gracefully.

Walther is also a very patient person, who never gets angry towards anyone or lecture his servants for their mistakes, as well as a hard-worker, training his swordsmanship (reason why he is the youngest person to ever have a knighthood) and studying policies everyday, helping his father (and later Ignis) to manage his territory. Walther is also chivalrous, retraining himself in front of Darkness and not enjoying pointing his sword against a woman.


Born as a commoner with good looks and skills, Walther was adopted by Alderp to be his son, blissfully unaware of the insidious intentions behind it.[2] He grew up to become a distinguished young man, who unlike his adoptive father was loved by the people under their rule, as well as the youngest person in history to become a Knight.

When requested by Alderp into an arranged marriage with Darkness that had the blessings of Ignis, Walther was initially against it, and only agreed to attend a marriage interview at the Dustiness residence for the purpose of announcing his refusal. But after meeting in person the Crusader with a peculiar personality, he started becoming interested in her, and was further impressed with Darkness' tenacity during the duel she challenged him to. Upon noticing how close she was with Kazuma chaperoning her throughout the interview, however, Walther decided to claim that he had called the whole marriage off.

Following the disappearance of Alderp and the confiscation of his house's assets to pay for all his crimes, Walther became the assistant to House Dustiness, where he supported Ignis and Darkness with the chores of governing.[3]


Swordsmanship: His swordplay was shown during his duel on Darkness, where he was able to inflict damage on Darkness.


  • In the initial web novel, Walther was not related to Alderp.