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White Robe (白ローブ) is a nickname given to the retired general of the Devil King's Army who now protects the Devil King's Castle.


He uses a white mask, alongside a robe and a staff as white as the first one, also oozing power. Underneath, he has a pair of white wings.


The Former Devil King's General seems to believe in "proper" battles and dislikes sneaky attacks. He talks in a formal and dramatic fashion.


He is the longest-serving general of the Devil King's army. After Wiz single-handedly stormed the Devil King's Castle, he stepped down that role in order to take over the job of guarding the castle gate.

When Kazuma and his party were invading the castle, he showed up when Megumin was blowing up the barrier with consecutives explosions, however he was also attached and killed by Megumin's Explosion Magic at a distance without even meet or interact with them.


According to Serena, he is the "World Strongest Wizard", drawing infinite mana from the Devil Realm using a magic circle inside the castle barrier. However he also can't leave the circle.

Magical Barrier: He is surrounded by a powerful barrier of his own, so normal attacks can't touch him. According to Serena, if all the Crimson Demons attacked at once, relentlessly, they might manage to damage him.

Regeneration: Thanks the constant flow of magical energy, every wound inflicted to him heals immediately. He manage to survive and heals from one of the Megumin's Explosions, however he couldn't survive a second one.

Magic Attack: According to Serena, since he can't leave the circle, he uses magic attacks from distance.