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Wiz's Magic Item Shop (ウィズ()(どう)()(てん)), generally referred to as Wiz's Shop (ウィズの(みせ)), is a shop located in Axel that specialises in selling magic items.[1]


After turning into a Lich in order to save her friends and becoming a Devil King's General, the famous adventurer Wiz decided to retire and move to Axel, the city where she met her former party members, and opened the magic item shop to serve as a place where they could reunite.[2] However, due to her awful business sense and taste for products, her shop is always in the red as well as danger of being evicted for inability to pay rent.[3]

In order to gain enough money to build his own dungeon, Wiz's old acquaintance Vanir, who was also a former Devil King's General, started to work in the shop as an assistant, trying desperately to make the shop profitable.[4] The high-ranked demon Zeeleschilt also started to hang out in the shop, asking for Vanir's protection after he became Eris's target, where he became the store's poster boy.[5]

The shop had been frequented by Kazuma's party ever since they discovered the location, though this exposed it to the risk of recurrent harassment and vandalism by Aqua. It also became a staple spot for Yunyun to hang out in hopes of running into Megumin "by coincidence",[6] and Vanir under the pretext of friendship later enticed her into helping out around the shop for free.[3] Lolisa and other succubi also hang out in the shop, in order to see Vanir[7] or ask for his help.[8][9]




Because of Wiz's poor business sense and unawareness of her products' demerits, her shop stocks useless or unwanted junk. After Vanir started to work there, however, it started to sell some uncharacteristically popular and actually useful products too. In addition, following the deal Vanir made with Kazuma, the shop began to sell items based on products from Japan.[10]

The table below is colour-coded to denote whether the product was provided to the shop for sale by Wiz, Vanir, or Kazuma.

List of Products
Magic Booster Potions (マジックポーション)[11]
Paralyse Magic Potion
Potions that upon drinking boost specific skills like Paralyse and Bottomless Swamp, but also affect the user.[12]
Wish-Granting Choker (願いが叶うチョーカー)[13]
Enchanted Choker
A 100,000 Eris enchanted choker intended for helping women lose weight, though it cannot be unfastened until the user's wish comes true, and tightens everyday to choke the user after 3 days.
Beast-Attracting Potion (獣に群がられるポーション)[13]
Kemono ni Muragareru Potion
Upon drinking will attract monsters looking like beasts that will relentlessly attack.
Magic Keyholder Destroyer (魔法キーホルダーデストロイヤー)[14]
Magic keyholders designed based on the Destroyer that comes in different variations, which can move and be pitted against each other like with stag beetles, making it a popular toy among boys, though the specific variation in the packages are a secret until opened.
Mahou Keyholder Destroyers
Some variations include the Lovely version wearing a cute bow ribbon, and the Secret Oni version sporting a horn in addition to a self-detonation function.
Lose Memoryer (キオクナクナール)[15]
A potion that makes the user temporarily lose their memories.
Mana-Recharging Bracelet[16]
A bracelet that lets the wearer recharge mana as they walk.
All-Impaling Spear[17]
A spear said to be capable of impaling anything.
All-Blocking Shield[17]
A shield said to be capable of blocking anything.
Friendship Crystal (仲良くなる水晶)[18]
Nakayokunaru Suishou
An item that only people with magical powers can use, it deepens the friendship between the users through exposing their past embarrassing scenes.
Kotatsu (こたつ)[19]
A Japanese warming table that heats up once magical power is poured into it.
Slime Catcher-kun (スライムキャッチャーくん)[20]
Slime Catcher-kun
A quest support item that looks like a handheld ball, but once thrown at a target expands into a slimy blob to capture it.
Vase-Repairing Magic Item[21]
A magic item capable of restoring vases that got broken.
Portable Toilet (簡易トイレ)[22]
Kani Toilet
A toilet for camping that is equipped with flushing and noise generation capabilities, though the excessive water and noise generated will respectively flood the surroundings and attract monsters.
Explosive Potion (爆発ポーション)[22]
A potion similar to nitroglycerin costing 30,000 Eris, which can explode once the vial is opened, or when exposed to even small tremors.[1]
Lightning Orb[23]
An item that allows the user to unleash the Lightning spell, although it only shoots downwards and will end up hitting users standing on the ground.
Box That Transports People To Japan[24]
A box that once opened will transport the users to Japan for 12 hours, though after time is up and they are transported back, their memories of the trip will be erased.
Magic Underwear That Makes Others Fall In Love (他人をホレさせる魔法の下着)[25]
Tanin wo Horesaseru Mahou no Shitagi
A matching set of bra and panties that makes the wearer fall in love with the man who gifted it to her.
Bracelet That Prohibits Magic Usage[26]
A bracelet with an ugly skull design, which upon wearing will become undetachable for a week, and makes the wearer unable to use magic so that they understand the importance of magic.
Because the item wasn't selling well, the maker also added a function for it to be detachable once the wearer thanks somebody of the opposite gender who is regularly close by for 100 times, hoping that it can help quarrelling couples reconcile.
Magic Towel That Wipes Away Any Stain[27]
A towel that not only can wipe away any stain on the body, but also body hair as well, which may leave the user bald.
Manga About A Crimson Demon Girl[28]
A manga illustrated by a nearby artist, which stars a cute Crimson Demon girl who wields Explosions.
Grow Biggerer (オッキクナール)[29]
A potion that makes the user temporarily grow into the size of Giants.
Maid Uniforms[30]
A set of frilly dresses said to be the formal attire worn by women as they serve people tea at a distant land.
Electrocution Ring[31]
A magic ring that electrocutes the wearer whenever he has lewd thoughts.
Hide-and-Seek Potion[31]
A black potion tasting like children's medicine, which upon drinking over a certain volume can make the user invisible to others, but the way for reverting to normal is unknown.
Teleportation Item[32]
A item that warps space to allow for use of the Teleport skill, though accidental misuse can trap part of the user's body within walls.
Antidote That Can Instantly Detoxify Any Poison (どんな毒でも瞬時に解毒できる解毒剤)[33]
An antidote that can instantly detoxify any poison, but leaves the drinker paralysed for several hours.
Turtle Shell That Beckons Good Fortune (幸運を呼び寄せる亀の甲羅)[33]
A turtle shell that is more appropriate in an antique shop.
Ancient Box From Which Something May Emerge (何かが出るかもしれない古代の箱)[33]
A box that once opened will most likely leave the opener cursed.
Monster-Repelling Paper Talisman & Potion[33]
Items said to repel monsters, with the effects supposedly working 5 times better when used together.
Misfortune-Avoiding Amulet[33]
An amulet that is said to help the wearer avoid misfortune.
Hair Longerer (カミノビール)[34]
A potion that makes hair quickly grow longer.
Breast Biggerner (ムネデカナール)[34]
A potion that makes breast muscles buffed up.
Relaxation Potpourri (癒しポプリ)[35]
A potpourri made from Flower Mandrakes that not only releases scents for making people relax, but also gives them nightmares.
Relationship-Cutting Scissors (縁切り鋏)[36]
A pair of scissors made from cursed scissors that can cut the ties of relationships.
Magical Giant Vanir Mask (魔法の巨大バニル仮面)[37]
Magical Giant Vanir Mask Game
A giant flying disc invented by Vanir for transporting people, which can be rented out for 1,000,000 Eris.
Magic Pitcher (魔法のジョッキ)[38]
Pitchers that magically make the bubbles of the bubbly poured into it instantly disappear in order to facilitate people who dislike bubbly.
Invisibility Potion (透明になれる薬)[39]
A potion that can turn a person invisible, though holy water can render its effects null.
Food-Attracting Item[40]
A magic item that helps keep questing adventurers fed for a week by continuously attracting edible animals, in addition to monsters and bugs.
There is also another item that can prolong the effects.[41]
Monopoly-like Boardgame[42]
A boardgame superficially bearing much similarity to Monopoly, but with dice rolls reflecting the Luck stats of the players and usage of spell cards allowed, in addition to the losers having to obey the winner or else face penalties.
Schoolgirl Uniform[43]
Wiz schoolgirl
A set of clothes Vanir had designed based on the outfit worn by the student heroine of a gal-game, then generated into being by Kazuma through the use of the Black Slab, and later modelled by Wiz for catering towards maniacs who would pay hundreds of thousands for it.
Box That Repels Undead[12]
A 1,000,000 Eris box that, once opened, it releases a holy air that repels undead for half a day.
Monster-Attracting Potion (モンスター寄せのポーション)[12]
Upon drinking will make both monsters and humans including friends and family to attack the user.
Laughing Vanir Doll[12]
A vanir doll that laughs at night.
Frog-Killer (カエル殺し)[3]
Frog Killer Manga
An item that lures Giant Toads into eating it before blowing it up from inside, and costs 200,000 Eris apiece despite the quest rewards from hunting one Giant Toad being 25,000 Eris.
Frogicide (カエルコロリ)[44]
Kaeru Korori
A chemical costing 5,000 Eris that makes frogs and toads weak and lethargic, though for the effects to efficiently spread, it needs to be spread at multiple locations.
Hot Ring (ほっとりんぐ)[45]
Hot Ring Game
A magic ring capable of warming up its wearer, though the warmth level is only comparable to that of human skin temperature.
Eternal Body Warmer (永久懐炉)[46]
A magical portable heater that can keep people warm during winter, but cannot be removed once strapped onto the body, and will eventually make the wearer spontaneously combust from overheating.
Insta~Wilt (スグカレ~ル)[47]
A weedkiller tailored for clearing away vegetation blocking the pathways in the Great Tree Labyrinth, and can be concocted using cabbages and bat wings.
Mud Facial Packs[48]
A facial pack made from the mud churned out by Giant Earthworms that can keep the skin moist.
Magic-Resistant Robes
A set of robes, created from Giant Spiders' thread and Orcs' saliva, that increases the magic resistance but drains the magical power of the wearer.[49][50]
Devil Lantern (ほおずきランタン)[51]
A floating lantern that facilitates gathering of materials in the dark, but has a one-in-five chance of blowing up.
Oil Lighter (オイルライター)[52]
Oil Lighter
A Japanese product.
Mass-Produced Vanir Mask[52]
A mask designed like the one Vanir wears, that raises magic abilities, increases blood flow and gives the user's skin a healthy glow on full moon.
Glasses For Seeing Through Clothes (服が透けて見えるメガネ)[53]
A pair of glasses that allows the wearer to see through clothing.
Liquid That Only Dissolves Clothes (服だけが都合よく溶ける液体)[53]
A liquid that can readily dissolve the clothing it is splashed onto.
Vanir Mask EX (バニル仮面EX)[53]
A mask designed like the one Vanir wears, that enhances its wearer's feature, such as making strong people stronger.
Designed with the romantic concept of allowing the mortally wounded wearer to protect his loved ones with his last breath, it explodes once the user dies, which in addition to the enemies will also take out allies too.
Sexy photo books depicting Vanir's mask.
Diet Snack[55]
A snack without nutritional value based on the Tranquility Girls' fruit.
Highest Quality Manatites[56]
Consumable stones used to stock MP, though they are too expensive (10-Million each) and powerful for a city full of rookies.
Goddess Juice[57]
Holy Water produced by Aqua.
Steal Item[7]
An item only usable by the Thief-Class in order to use the Steal skill, but the down side is that it consumes too much MP.
Air Conditioner[7]
A magical air conditioner possessing an operational lifespan that lasts merely half a year, with the initial batch of them pushed out after summer had already ended.
Power-Boosting Crystal[58]
A forbidden crystal that burns up the life force of the user for boosting his/her magical powers beyond limits.
A Japanese product.
Aqua's Scale Figures
Megumin and Darkness' sexy real size scale figures created by Aqua, with removable pants.
Releases a fog after breaking that makes the victims from both genders temporarily fall in love with the user.
Insect Choleran
A 400,000 Eris item that puts a death curse in anything smaller than a mouse, including microbes necessary for survival.
Forbidden Potions
A series of six potions those affect stats and attractiveness, all with side-effects.
Alarm Doll[59]
A cursed doll realistically designed to look like a real little girl with hair that can grow, in addition to sometimes moving on its own. It will try to wake its user at the instructed time with a loud peal of creepy laughter, and in case the user still doesn't wake up, will go on the attack wielding a short sword. Despite the only way to stop its laughter is to forcibly press its mouth shut, just like how a kidnapper will try to stifle a struggling child, among the neighbourhood housewives this doll is seen as a good-luck charm.
Monster-Warding Necklace[59]
A beautifully designed necklace adorned by a gem, which can ward off monsters at the level of Goblins, but will also release a scent that attracts other types of monsters.
Reconciling Gloves[60]
A pair of gold-coloured gloves used for letting two people who were fighting reconcile, it makes those who make a reconciling handshake when one member wears them stick together for one whole day, with the gloves also becoming irremovable during the interim, so that they can spend time with each other while being unable to fight.
A medicine costing 10,000 Eris that is effective for a week.
Weather Controlling Doll[61]
A doll looking like a teruteru bouzu that once filled up with magical power and hung up under the roof, can forcibly make the weather sunny, though it was designed to only work during the sunny season.
A bodypillow designed to look like a life-sized Wiz.
Stat-Up Potion
Increases one stat while another drops.
Potion That Undoes Puppetification
A potion that cures a victim of the Puppet spell.
Paper Ghost Doll
It summons a storm in a specific day of the year that rarely rains.
Chirp Sandals
An item that came from Japan.
Holy-e Gloves
A supposed possession of a legendary Crimson Demon that awakes the power of a Hero.
Barrier Stone
Expendable stones those create a Spirit Barrier.
Wiz's Rosary
It supposedly leads to "wonderful encounters", but it actually attracts monsters.
Fatigue-Fighting Potion
A potion without side-effects that fights fatigue.
Awakening Potion
A potion with an unknown side-effect that fights tiredness.
Forbidden Crimson Bloodstone
A regular red stone that Aqua picked-up, but a Crimson Demon would buy it anyways.
Demon Ring
A cursed ring that grants the user "Demon Eyes", but with the price of slowly turn them into a demon.
Vanir Maid Doll
A 50,000 Eris Vanir Doll that cleans the room after pressing its button. It only recognizes one master and explodes at anyone else.
Antidote Potion
A potion with short expiring date.
Wiz's Merchandise
Sexy photos and even a poster, those are free gifts after pursuing expiring produts and even rocks.
Canned Food
Food with short expiring date
Alarm Clock
A regular clock that awakes the user with a Wiz's sexy voice.
Bloodstone Stained with Evil Power
A regular red stone that emits a black aura.
A Divine Treasure with a "redo" button, that allows the user to see how their live would be if they made a different decision.
A cursed item that prevents any party member who signs it to disband.


  • Although it is an item shop, it also serves tea.
  • Some of the shop's useless products were supplied by Hyoizaburoo.[12]


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