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Wolbach (ウォルバク) was the Dark God of Violence and Sloth and one of the Devil King's Generals. After accidentally being released from her seal by a young Megumin, she showed her how to use her trademark Explosion Magic as thanks. Unfortunately for her, after meeting again as enemies on the battlefield, she would be defeated by her former disciple using the very magic she taught her.


Wolbach was a tall and well-endowed beautiful woman with yellow cat-like pupiled eyes and short red hair, who also had pointed ears similar to an elf and a strange oval-shaped mark on her forehead.[1] She was seen to have goat-like horns protruding from the sides of her head while serving as a Devil King's General, although whether or not these are part of her natural physiology or are merely decorative items is unknown.[2]

While teaching Explosion to Megumin, Wolbach wore a hooded robe covering her whole body and obscuring her face.[1] When she served as a General of the Devil King, she wore a cloak going down to her ankles and one-piece suit with a boob window and tie covering her cleavage.[2]


Although she was a Dark God, Wolbach was a gentle and reasonable person with a fairly amount of common sense. She was also very compassionate, as, aside of being thankful, Wolbach truly cared about Megumin's future and well-being, even pretending not remember her to not cause her any problems.[3] She was also very patient, struggling to teach Megumin Explosion Magic and trying to persuade her to learn a more useful spell even though they drived her to nervous breakdown multiple times.[4]

As a Devil King's General, Wolbach was very diligent, although she had high moral standing, seemingly avoiding unnecessary deaths while attacking the Fortress, trying to destroy its wall and get the Fortress adventures and knights to surrender instead of attacking them directly. Wolbach was also straightforward and earnest in serious situations, refusing to tell the reason why she allied to the Devil King, saying Kazuma's party should defeat her first.[2][3]

Futhermore, while Wolbach usually maintained a calm demeanor, as a goddess, she was very prideful and resentful about disrespect, losing her cool and threatening Aqua with divine punishment by the way the later treated Wolbach when they met each other,[2] starting to antagonize with the Water Goddess. She also got easily frustrated by both Kazuma and Megumin's antics.[3]


Wolbach was the goddess who presided over the aspects of Sloth and Violence, yet despite claiming to be a perfectly decent upstanding goddess, she was deemed a "Dark God" by the Axis Order after joining the Devil King's Army, among which she had many worshipers.[2] At some point afterwards, Wolbach was split into the Aspect of Sloth represented by herself in humanoid form, while her other half in the form of a huge black beast represented the Aspect of Violence, before both of them were imprisoned within a sealing stone, which was then moved to the Tomb of the Dark God near the Crimson Demon Village, because its inhabitants thought the idea of having an Dark God locked away in their village not only sounded cool but could also serve as a tourist attraction.[5]

Approximately 8 years prior to the main series, a young Megumin who played with the complex sealing stone at the Tomb accidentally released Wolbach and her other half, which went on a rampage. Wolbach thus used Explosion to defeat the beast and save Megumin, then sapped her Aspect of Violence of most of her energy before resealing the beast, deciding that it was better to come back for her when the beast had calmed down. Next she offered to do something for Megumin as gratitude for releasing her, though after expressing the inability to conquer the world, grant big breasts, or make the little girl the Devil King as well as suggesting for something more that giving her crayfishes, Wolbach was asked to teach her Explosion Magic.[1]

Despite listing the disadvantages of her learning that overpowered plus impractical spell, Wolbach at Megumin's insistence agreed to teach the incantations once she recovered the next day. She soon got exasperated at Megumin over the span of several days for her repeatedly inserting cool-sounding phrases into the incantations as well as making cool poses while chanting, and tried talking her into learning Advanced Magic instead but to no avail. Wolbach was accordingly surprised upon mimicking Megumin's chants and poses, since it turned out that such antics actually made the Explosions more powerful. The Dark God nevertheless continued persuading the dogged Megumin while listening to her describe how scary her mother was, and demonstrated the usefulness of Advanced Magic by freezing a fleeing One-Punch Bear she was asked to kill when they walked into the forest, yet was shocked to see Megumin finishing the monster off as per her clan's tradition. On the day Wolbach finally had to leave, she Paralysed Megumin in order to look at her Adventurer Card, which to her astonishment displayed the Advanced Magic she had demonstrated in the past few days as possible skills for the little girl to learn. As they later bid their farewells, Wolbach demonstrated Explosion once again, with Megumin promising to show her own Explosion once she learned it.[4]

At some point during the following 7 years, the Dark God who returned to the Devil King's Army contracted Demons like Host and Arnes as well as a horde of generic ones looking like furry winged humanoids to be her servants. When the time was right for her sealed half to be released, Wolbach ordered Host to go unravel the seal at the Tomb of the Dark God, which later prompted her low-level demonic servants into flocking there upon detecting the Aspect of Violence being freed. Subsequent to Host giving confirmation of her other half's release, the Dark God tasked him and Arnes go look for the missing black beast. Yet during a caravan trip to Arcanletia where she frequently visited for its curative hot springs, Wolbach heard from Yunyun, who rode in the same carriage, about Arcanletia's hot springs being sabotaged by Gelatinous Slime in a fashion so very similar to the upcoming sabotage conspiracy of the Devil King's Army, in addition to Yunyun and Megumin's battles against Arnes and Host that ended with the Demons' demise.[6]

Wolbach Hans Anime

After the turn of the year, the Dark God made a final trip to Arcanletia since its hot springs were about to be ruined in accordance with the plans of the Devil King's Army, and rendezvoused with Hans at some inn's hot springs, where she heard him sprout out all his resentful grievances about the city as well as the Axis Order. She was surprised when Kazuma suddenly barged in on them, though the Dark God's worries about their conversation getting overheard appeared to be unfounded when the young man did nothing but stare at the her naked body. Subsequent to Hans taking his leave, Wolbach struck a conversation with Kazuma, where she vaguely talked of aiming to retrieve her full powers from her other half as well as teaching a Crimson Demon girl magic, before getting out also while warning him not to bathe in Arcanletia's hot springs again.[7] (In the anime, it was Wolbach, getting embarrassed from Kazuma's staring, who left the hot springs first instead of Hans)[8]

Many months later, Wolbach was ordered by the Devil King to lead a contingent against a fort that protected the Royal Capital from the Devil King's Army, and accordingly enacted a hit-and-run tactic consisting of casting Explosion at the fort walls before Teleporting out every single day,[2] which brought the fort to near collapse,[9] in addition to forcing the king and Prince Jatice's evacuation from the front lines.[10]

Wolbach during a lull in fighting sneaked off to a hot springs resort situated in an area roamed by Bandits, where she again ran into Kazuma, and proceeded to vaguely reveal how her other half, now looking like a black cat, went missing after being freed from the tomb she was sealed at. Despite next hearing Kazuma talk about his party's pet black cat, whom the Crimson Demon girl in his party called a "Dark God", Wolbach didn't connect it with her other half, since the cat was said to cozy up with the diligent Kazuma and had been chased around by a newborn chick, and thus took her leave.[10]

Marching up to the fort a couple of days later for another round of Explosion on its walls, Wolbach suddenly detected the presence of her other half in the company of Kazuma's party and Yunyun who were laying in ambush. Admitting to Kazuma how she was a Devil King's General as they came out of hiding, the Dark God was unexpectedly confronted by Aqua who questioned her divinity, at which she expressed incredulity to the Archpriest's claims of being a goddess. With the quarrel descending into a scuffle, where both goddesses threatened to curse the other while claiming to be unaffected even when cursed, Wolbach admonished the Axis Order who had branded her a "Dark God", before Teleporting herself to safety when the enraged Aqua summoned a flood.[2]

Wolbach continued her daily Explosions on the fort thereafter, only to find the walls that had been on the verge of collapse getting repaired and strengthened by Aqua, who had even begun painting murals on it. She accordingly marched up to the fort gates to scream her anger at Kazuma's party, yet unexpectedly caught sight of Yunyun as well as Megumin holding Wolbach's other half that was now named "Chomusuke". After the Chomusuke trying to reach Wolbach got used by Kazuma as a hostage in an attempt to blackmail the Devil King's General into retreating, Wolbach as she declared her defiance before returning admitted to remembering Yunyun, but denied knowing Megumin.[3]

Faced with Kazuma's party using Wolbach's same tactics against the Devil King's Army in the ensuing days, where Megumin would cast Explosion at the monsters' camp before Yunyun Teleported them to safety, followed by the infuriated monsters charging the fort that despite Wolbach's continued attacks became stronger thanks to Aqua, and getting annihilated by the defending adventurers as a result, the numbers and morale of her subordinates plummeted. Wolbach eventually gave up attacking the fort and went to investigate Kazuma, who turned out to have defeated Beldia, Vanir, Hans, and Sylvia, cementing her belief of him being the descendent of "Kazuma Satou", the legendary hero in fairy tales.[3]

The Dark God proceeded to wait until Kazuma sneaked up to the camp one day with Megumin and Yunyun, then stepped out to confront him regarding her investigations, though she got embarrassed at his reminders of them repeatedly bathing together. Continuing to deny knowing the dejected Megumin, Wolbach began chanting for Explosion on the defenceless party, only to have Kazuma throw and ignite a stick of Tinymite at her before they managed to Teleport out. Wounded unto the point her other half began sucking away her essence, the fading Wolbach limped towards the fort where Kazuma awaited with his companions while carrying Chomusuke. Next explaining her intent to destroy Chomusuke and denying having ever met Megumin before, Wolbach quickly started her chant for Explosion, yet Megumin beat her to it with a chantless Explosion. Muttering a word of thanks to Megumin, the Dark God was accordingly obliterated and fully absorbed by Chomusuke.[3]


Like Aqua, due to being a goddess, Wolbach possessed an incredibly high magic level, allowing her to freely cast Explosion Magic despite its high mana cost. She could also allegedly deliver divine punishments on those who displeased her, which in her case, being a the Goddess of Sloth, took on the form of making her enemies lose motivation on vacation days and waste the day lazing around. However, Wolbach is not immortal despite being a goddess, and once seriously injured will have her essence sucked away by her other half.

Magic: Wolbach was an incredibly powerful mage who could use a vast array of advanced and intermediate spells. She had an incredibly high mana reserve as she was able to cast other spells immediately after casting Explosion.

  • Intermediate Magic: Wolbach possesses so much magical power she is able to kill an entire pack of One-Punch Bears with an Intermediate spell.
    • Freeze Gust: Creates a freezing white fog.
    • Paralyze: Makes a person unable to move. She used this spell on Megumin so she could steal her adventurer card.
  • Advanced Magic: Wolbach is also able to use Advanced Magic, even offering teaching Megumin both Inferno and Light of Saber spells instead of Explosion Magic.
    • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area. Wolbach demonstrated this spell to Megumin in an attempt to waver her from the path of Explosion.
  • Detonation Series: Wolbach seems to have mastered the entire Detonation Series, offering teaching Megumin the Blasting and Detonation Magics instead of Explosion Magic.
    • Explosion Magic: A special branch of magic that summon a single beam of light, that detonates at the target, creating a devastating blast of pure magical power. It usually consumes so much MP, so it is a single shot spell. Wolbach's explosions are powerful enough to defeat her Aspect of Violence in a single shot and cause severe damage on the fort's wall.
  • Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation. She often used Teleport in conjunction with Explosion as a devastating hit-and-run combo.


  • Because she didn't regain her full power from Chomusuke, Wolbach visits hot springs in order to recover her power.[10]
  • Wolbach was the only Devil King's General who was sensible enough not to give the Devil King headaches.[11]