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The World Largest Dungeon (世界最大のダンジョン) is the deepest dungeon in the continent.[1]


A tourist attraction in Elroad, it is a twenty floors dungeon created by the Vampire Ancestor. In order to adventure there, the adventurer's level must be at least 3 times the number of each floor they'll go.

The dungeon is very ample, enough to a dragon move around, and dark. The last floor possess a trick and evil-seeming doors, expected from the doors that leads to a last boss.

After the boss chamber of the last floor, there is a treasure room full of expensive equipment from late adventurers who tried to conquer the dungeon.

Because its air is rich in mana, part of it is connected to Hell, as well it is full of stronger monsters with low-quality MP due to the mana they absorb.


After Kazuma got his level reseted after meet Serena, Kazuma, alongside Wiz and Vanir, went to conquer the Dungeon in order to farm levels. After 24 hours, they menage to conquer the Dungeon and receive the treasure of the dungeon master.

Later, Kazuma teleported himself alongside the Devil King to the Dungeon boss chamber (Kazuma originally planned to teleport back alongside Vanir to pick the rest of the treasure), which became the stage of their final battle. In the end of the fight, Kazuma used the Explosion Magic on him, resulting in the dungeon collapsing above them and killing the Devil King once for all.



  • The Dungeon is used by Wiz to collect materials.