Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Wiki

Volume 1[]

Story 1[]

The Archpriest of Axel

Story 2[]

Axel's Explosive Detective

Story 3[]

A Crusader to Protect

Story 4[]

The Amazingly Lucky Silver Haired Girl

Story 5[]

To Become the King of Undead

Story 6[]

Demon King's Generals are Busy Creatures

Story 7[]

Beware of Impersonators

Story 8[]

The Troublemakers of Axel

Toranoana Bonus Story[]

Ovation for this Rabid Mage!

Gamers Bonus Story[]

The Noble Heiress has sprouted

Line Bonus Story[]

Enjoy the Pesticideless Vegetables

Audio Drama[]

Divine Punishment for the Cheating Goddess!

First Part[]

Kazuma while holding some tabasco interrogates Aqua over the cheating button he had discovered, which Aqua vehemently denies preparing. She proceeds to tell a tale of her shivering by a winter campfire when Megumin, who got first place in the previous popularity poll, rode by in a luxury carriage to laugh at her coming fourth place, though upon Kazuma pointing out the flaws in her story, the goddess changes to admitting she was actually roasting sweet potatoes alongside Megumin before they squabbled over how big of a portion they get. Aqua next tells of how during a cold early spring morning, she dreamt of Eris who came second place mocking her, infuriating Kazuma over her reasons for cheating. Calling on her divinity to justify everything she did while ridiculing Kazuma for coming eighth place, Aqua nearly incites him into pouring tabasco on her.

Kazuma then informs her that based on the results midway into the polling, Aqua would have gotten second place by her own merit, and as she asks for a repolling explains how it will only look bad for her since people are looking down on her for cheating. While Aqua becomes determined to top the third popularity poll, Kazuma declines competing with her since female characters have the advantage of promising to strip in exchange for votes.

Aqua then starts analysing Megumin's advantages in the poll, which isn't because she is a loli-girl as Kazuma claims, but because of her Explosions making her famous. As Kazuma reminds her how she cannot cast Explosions, Aqua continues to explain how Megumin's chuuniness coupled with Explosions made her so popular, before she mimics casting Explosion while uttering a cannibalised chant, oblivious to Kazuma's warning about who's behind her.

Second Part[]

Following an incensed scolding from Megumin that brought her to tears, Aqua vowed not to mimic Explosions again while she is around, to Kazuma's exasperation. She is subsequently elated by a news flash saying that she had gotten first place thanks to her hundred million followers, at which Kazuma becomes speechless.

Aqua next ponders how is she going to brush herself up for the next popularity poll when she purifies all the rinsing lotions, prompting Kazuma to educate her on the correct meaning of the phrase, which connotes raising her charm points. Confident that her charm points are maxed, the source of her confidence being a puzzle to Kazuma, Aqua decides to work on ripping off the characteristics from Megumin and Darkness. Adding red and yellow colours onto her outfit into what Kazuma calls a traffic light style, Aqua proceeds to call herself Aqchiness Ford Lalachina. The resigned Kazuma next expresses what really makes Megumin and Darkness popular, which includes loli-girl, Explosion, black hair, and gullibility for Megumin, while Darkness' is her eroticness and embarrassment upon being teased as well as thin apparel at home.

Aqua consequently abandons ripping off their points for attracting sexual harassment while threatening him to stop listing by wielding the tabasco, before coming up with a cheat button that instead of giving her five times the votes, will instead blow off the clothes of female characters. At Kazuma's protest that she is ripping off his earlier idea, Aqua without realising herself also being a female character also shares with him that cheat power. The two of them then vow to defeat in the next poll the red and yellow, who happen to be standing behind them, and subsequently scold them both furiously.