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Yuiyui (ゆいゆい) is Megumin's mother and a member of the Crimson Demons.[1]


Yuiyui is a beautiful middle-aged woman with straight, dark hair which falls down to her waist and slight winkles on the corner of her lips and eyes. She has the characteristic black hair and red eyes of the Crimson Demons, but also sports a tired, calm look as opposed to the more excited members of her clan.

She wears a long, sleeveless, high neck dress, armbands on her forearms, and over-the-knee boots.


Yuiyui is a loving and unswerving mother who loves her family wholeheartedly. However, behind her gentle and calm facade, there is a ruthless mother figure, who is willing to both threat with a smile at her face,[2] as inflict cruel punishments on her family, like encasing her husband's entire body, except for his head, in ice and abandoning him in the forest filled with monsters [3]

Also, although Yuiyui cares about her daughters' future, but since they are from a poor family, she is willing to go too far in order to secure their future. Yuiyui is too strong-willed, treacherous and greedy, and is capable of trap her daughter in the same room as a wealthy young man so she could be a gold-digger, using insidious magic spells against those who disagree with her methods.[1]

Yuiyui is also eager to be a grandmother and is willing to pressure her daughters to marry as soon as possible with anyone able to sustain them and her future grandsons, no matter how rotten is her son-in-law's personality.[4]


Because of Hyoizaburoo's failure to sell his useless creations near their home, Yuiyui had to leave Megumin and Komekko behind and accompany her husband on weeklong trips far and wide, where they attempt to peddle their wares to gullible customers.[5]
(In the anime, during one of such trips, Yuiyui through pressuring Hyoizaburoo to get his businessman act together, allowed them to sell a magic bracelet to Arnes, landing the couple with enough money to treat their daughters with sukiyaki back at home, in addition to buying Megumin a new school uniform)[2]

Some time during the ensuing year, Yuiyui returned home only to find the front door ripped off by Servants of the Dark God, though according to other villagers, Komekko was thankfully outside at the time of the attack, with Megumin and Yunyun also heading to search for her prior to a mysterious Explosion that wiped out the Demons.[6] And a while subsequent to Megumin's graduation, the couple went back to find a letter from her saying that she was leaving the Crimson Demon Village to become an adventurer.[7] Yuiyui later read letters sent from Axel by Megumin, which told of how she joined Kazuma's party as well as the various sexual harassments he enacted upon her.[1]

She still maintained a calm demeanour towards Kazuma when Megumin returned home with her party, and then stopped her husband from coveting the food gifted to the family by the Adventurer. Next hearing Kazuma reveal his recent transformation into a millionaire, Yuiyui was quick to make Kazuma part of their family by setting him up to sleep with Megumin, and for two consecutive nights put the obstructing Hyoizaburoo and Darkness, then later the uncooperative Megumin, to Sleep, followed by Locking Kazuma with Megumin inside her cold room, where they would be forced to get intimate.[1][8]

Yuiyui nevertheless had to let Kazuma and Megumin out during their second night at the village, due to the night raid launched by Sylvia disturbing them before anything happened.[8] Then as Sylvia who merged with the Mage-Killer began razing the village starting from its centre, Yuiyui who had remained in her home at the outskirts got evacuated by Darkness[9] (and in the anime she and her family was present when the railgun was set up by Kazuma before it was fired by Komekko, following which she let Wiz drain her magical power so she could empower Megumin and Yunyun's final attack)[10]

Forced to abandon her home to its destruction when the Devil King's Daughter blew up the village,[11] Yuiyui and her husband later took out a loan to have it rebuilt as a decent modern country house, despite the family continuing to spend their days without food and money.[12]


Intermediate Magic: Although she is an Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic, Yuiyui can also use insidious Intermediate Magic spells, demonstrated by how she easily put Darkness and Hyoizaburoo out of action:

  • Sleep: A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice. She uses Sleep on Darkness, her husband and even on her own daughter, Megumin.
  • Lock: Allows the user to lock or seal any object.
  • Paralyze: Makes a person unable to move.
  • Ankle Snare: A spell that traps the target's feet on the ground.

Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation.