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Yunyun (ゆんゆん) is a main supporting character of the KonoSuba series and deuteragonist of the Explosion spin-off. She is a member of the Crimson Demons and daughter of the Village Chief, as well as former classmate and self-proclaimed rival to Megumin.


Yunyun is a young girl with crimson-colored eyes, a determined and timid look, and longish black hair (dark brown in anime) tied in two twin tails with red ribbons that lie on her shoulders. She is a little taller than Megumin, with more balanced proportions.[2]

Yunyun usually wears a black robe and mantle, similar in design to Megumin’s. She wields a silver wand and wears a dagger on her hip. Underneath the mantle, she wears a low-cut blouse, and an ultra-short, pink miniskirt as well as a pair of dark toned pink stockings and brown boots. She wears a revealing outfit not because of personal preference, but because Dust tricked her into thinking it is a good way to make friends.

Although never shown visually, she has a barcode on her inner thigh.


Unlike other Crimson Demons, Yunyun is very sensitive and timid, and is often embarrassed by the chuunibyou customs of her tribe. Because of her shyness and lack of chuuni tendencies she is ostracized by her clan, who see her as a weirdo who never developed any social skills. She is a loner who usually spends her time in the the Guild playing games, (including two-player games) by herself.

Yunyun is often desperately searching for friends, stalking those she wants to befriend and making up excuses to run into them, as she lacks confidence to directly approach people or ask for favors. Yunyun is also very unlucky, as she is normally nowhere to be found when someone is looking for her,[3] or she befriends suspicious people like Dust. In the anime, Yunyun also compulsively lies to hide the fact that she is a loner.

Due to her poor communication skills, Yunyun is often misinterpreted by those around her. She became famous in Axel for rescuing beginner adventurers in trouble, and then running off while apologizing for "doing something unnecessary" instead of accepting their thanks. Because of this people started to leave her alone on purpose to show gratitude, believing Yunyun disliked associating with others.[4]

Despite her intelligence - which is high even by Crimson Demon standards - and good awareness of her surroundings,[5] her lack of social skills and interpersonal relationships make Yunyun extremely naive. She is easily manipulated by those who declare themselves her friends,[6] even when she realizes their intentions. Yunyun is also too gentle to refuse anything to those who ask her.[7]

Yunyun also has low self-esteem, often seeing herself as boring and a nuisance to others. She has low standards for a possible partner and friends, and she has not only tried befriending animals and plants, but has even tried to summon a demon to be her friend.[8] She is also a crybaby, always falling into tears when upset, like when she is defeated or humiliated by her rival, or if someone denies her friendship request.[4]

Yunyun is obliging and reliable, as she always helps those around her, including attempting to support and straighten out Megumin. Yunyun is also very devoted. Striving to become a suitable heir of her father's position as Village Chief, she still practices her clan's traditions, like the chuuni self-introductions, even though she finds these customs embarrassing.


For Yunyun's history, see her History tab.


As she is a prodigy in the Crimson Demon tribe, Yunyun is a very talented spellcaster, just losing to Megumin in terms of magical talent. Also, as a loner for almost her entire life, she is able to almost completely conceal her presence from others, even if it were to be a small object like a table.

  • Basic Magic: Before heading out to the frontline to defeat Wolbach with Kazuma's party, Yunyun learned basic magic intending to use it to help her companions on their trip.
    • Create Water: Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture.
  • Intermediate Magic: Yunyun was forced to learn intermediate magic under pressure to save both Komekko from monsters.
    • Blade of Wind: Creates blades of wind to violently slash the enemy.
    • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target.
    • Freeze Gust: Creates a freezing white fog.
    • Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt.
    • Sleep: A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice.
    • Unlock: Allows the user to open up any lock or unseal any object.
    • Flash: Creates an intense light that blinds the opponent.
    • Paralyze: Makes a person unable to move.
  • Advanced Magic: After putting in a great deal of work, she was finally able to learn the advanced magic synonymous with her village.
    • Light of Saber: Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target. One of Yunyun's favorite spells.
    • Energy Ignition: A spell that sets the victim on blue-white flames.
    • Cursed Lightning: Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning.
    • Cursed Crystal Prison: A spell that instantly encases the victim in a prison of ice.
    • Lightning Strike: Summon bolts of lightning from the sky to strike their opponent.
    • Bottomless Swamp: Creates a dark-purple goo swamp that swallows anyone above it.
    • Inferno: Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area.
    • Tornado: Summons a devastating tornado.
    • Silent: A spell able to prevent anyone to hear a conversation in the user's area.
    • Light of Reflection: A spell that uses light refraction to turn the target invisible.
    • Control of Weather: A long term spell that grants one the ability to control the weather up to a certain range.
  • Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked location. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation. Yunyun's marked locations are the Crimson Demon Village, the Royal Capital, and the surroundings of the Devil King's Castle.


Short Sword: A short sword the length of a dagger that Yunyun purchased from the village blacksmith, which she mostly carried around as a decorative trinket.[1]

Magic Rod: A baton topped by a light purplish crystalline Manatite fashioned into a kite shape, it is used for boosting the power of spells cast like a magic wand does.[9]

In the fight against Host, Yunyun used many magic tools brought from Wiz's Shop among other stores:

  • Magic Canceller Scoll: A scoll used to neutralizes a target magical effect. It was destroyed by Host.
  • Manatites: A mineral that has the unique property of storing mana.
  • Paralyze Booster Potion: A potion that amplify the power and area of Paralyze spell. However it also makes the user being affected by the spell.


  • Her name originated from the lyrics "yunyun" in the school song of Seiryo Information High School at Fukushima, which became a term used to describe denpa people.
  • Yunyun is considered one of the very few genuinely kind characters within the Konosuba franchise. She has no ulterior motives, is completely selfless and has gained a lot of sympathy from the fandom due to her loneliness and ill treatment by the main cast.
  • As was shown through the memory orb in Volume 3, Yunyun celebrates her birthday by herself, including buying and giving herself presents, alongside setting up a whole party, despite the fact that she was the only person there.
    • Yunyun's birthday is on 29th February.[10]
  • Yunyun often plays two player games by herself, such as chess or checkers, and switches seats to act as the second player.
  • Although she is an extremely talented adventurer, Yunyun has never been able to join any party due to her extreme social anxiety and inability to ask people if she can join. She will often run away when a party she had saved tries to thank her or ask her to join their group. It is implied that Kazuma and Dust would happily accept Yunyun into their own respective parties, if she were to ask them.
  • Like all members of the Crimson Magic Clan, Yunyun has a birthmark in the shape of a barcode located somewhere on her body. Megumin eventually reveals that Yunyun's birthmark is on her inner thigh very close to her crotch, much to the latter girl's embarrassment.
  • Yunyun is extremely ticklish.
  • Although it later turned out to be due to a complete misunderstanding, Yunyun was the first female character in the franchise to express an interest in having Kazuma's child.
  • According to Megumin, Soketto, the Crimson Magic Village's fortune teller, foretold that Yunyun's future husband/lover would be an extremely lazy man when rich and proactive when poor. As such, fans tend to believe that Yunyun will eventually become the wife/lover of either Kazuma or Dust.
  • Kazuma had once commented that the name "Yunyun" sounds like one given to a Panda.[11]
  • In the initial web novel, Yunyun not only had no friends in her village, but got ostracized by the villagers.


  • [After Kazuma invites her to dinner at the mansion] “C-Can I?! But having dinner together feels like a family affair, so I feel like I shouldn’t be here, actually in the first place visiting this late is my fault, so, sorry, Kazuma-San, but showing up at a friend’s house uninvited and joining them for dinner is, ah, no, it’s not like I dislike it, actually I’m really happy that you invited me and-”
  • "I want to have Kazuma-San’s children"