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Zeeleschilt (ザーレスクリュート) is a high-ranking demon who lived in a castle as a Duke of the Kingdom of Belzerg until Kazuma and Eris dealt with him, forcing him to hang around Vanir's shop. Like most others of his kind, he enjoys negative feelings such as those of pain and anguish.


He wears a cute penguin suit at all times, presumably to hide his true body. His true body has tentacles and claw.


Zeeleschilt governs his region rightly despite his true nature, allowing it to prosper and make a significant contribution in taxes every year. His wealth satisfies him to the point that he is no longer interested by Kazuma's and Darkness's offer.

As a demon, he lives by consuming human dark emotions. In his case, his preferences are shame, humiliation, and anguish excreted by confident warriors when defeated.

At first, he held a hostile demeanor against Kazuma for his ill manner. In the end, Zeeleschilt respected him for protecting him from Aqua countless times to the point that he offer Kazuma to visit his domain in hell should Kazuma die in his journey bringing Aqua home.


Zeeleschilt is a high ranking devil living in Kingdom of Belzerg as a count nicknamed "Lord of Brutality".

One time, Darkness and Kazuma came to Zeeleschilt asking for his nail to make a potion. As giving a nail is painful for him, Zeeleschilt ask for compensation. Darkness and Kazuma offer him money at first but he refused as he already has enough wealth to satisfy himself. Instead, he demanded dark emotion he prefer swhich is shame, humiliation, and anguish of a defeated warrior by forcing Darkness to fight some monsters he kept. Failing to taste dark emotions he desired from Darkness, Zeeleschilt decided to chase them away.

That night, Kazuma and Darkness decided to return to Zeeleschilt's casle to take his nail by force with Chris's help. Despite him already expecting their return, Zeeleschilt completely caught off guard as Chris attacked him with her true form and finally got one of his nails robbed.

After the event, Zeeleschilt has been brutalized by Eris every day to the point he ran out of the lives he had as a high ranking demon. Out of option, he decided to flee his castle at night without money to seek protection from Vanir in Axel. Unfortunately, the moment he arrived at Wiz's shop he was immediately purified by Aqua on whim. After being revived by Vanir, he works in Wiz's shop along with Vanir and is constantly purified and revived every time Aqua meets him.

When Kazuma, Megumin, and Darkness prepare to leave town to bring Aqua home, Zeeleschilt bid farewell to the party and stated his gratitude to Kazuma for protecting him from a certain evil goddess. He also welcomed Kazuma to visit his domain in hell should Kazuma die in his journey.


Penguin Magic Armor: A penguin costume shaped magic armor from far away land. Durable, flexible, waterproof, and retains heat well in winter. It has a zipper.