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Zesta (ゼスタ) is an Arch Priest and Supreme Pontiff of the Axis Order that worships the Water Goddess Aqua. He is also also the leader the chapter in Arcanletia, the home of the Axis Order.[1]


Zesta is a middle-aged man with green eyes and dark grey hair, mustache and beard. He wears typical priest attire, consisting of a deep blue robe that covers his entire body and a large miter.


Although Zesta has the highest rank in Axis Order, he is a wanton who leaves aside his job in order to loiter, often "playing with himself" in public and sexually harassing women, even Eris Church priestesses.[2] Zesta is very "open-minded" too, as he is willing to have sexual relationship not just with regular women, but also with humanoid monsters like orcs,[3] even harassing harpies, werewolves, centaurs and lamias.[4]

Futhermore, as a member of the Axis Order, Zesta is a schemer who encourages the use of scams to recruit new members for his sect. However he isn't no way clever, since most of his scams are odd and flawed.[2] Despite this, Zests is very cunning, being able of trick Sena while she uses a lie-detecting bell,[3] as well as insightful, as he is one of the few people who noticed Aqua is his cult's goddess.[5]

While Zesta is a hopeless pervert, he is still very devoted to Axis Order doutrine and commandments, not allowing himself to enjoy demons and undead, no matter how lascivious their bodies are, slaying them on the spot, although Zesta let himself get entertained by pursuing and bullying those monsters.[3] Also, like his cult members, he does pester and blame the Eris Church for his problems.


For Zesta's history, see his History tab.


According to himself, Zesta has the highest level among the Axis Cult's priests. Because of that, he serves as Aqua's oracle that can hear her voice, like when she asked for money after coming to Axel.[6]

Holy Magic: As the leader of the Axis Order and a high level arch-priest, Zesta is able to utilize powerful clerical magic in the name of Aqua to destroy undead and support his allies. According to Kazuma, with his supporting buffs, he could defeat an ogre barehands.

  • Sacred Highness Exorcism: A greater spell that summons a pillar of light that drives away demons.
  • Reflect: A spell that reflects an opponent's attacks back at them.
  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
  • Turn Undead: Creates a light that sends the undeads to the afterlife.
  • Sacred Break Spell: A greater spell that can dispels magic and curses. Zesta was able to use Sacred Break Spell to dispel the advanced-level spell Light of Saber used by Yunyun.[7]
  • Supporting Buffs: Zesta can cast several supporting spells to increase his physical abilities enough to fight barehands:
    • Blessing: A spell that increases luck.
    • Protection: A spell that increases physical resistance.
    • Powered: A spell that increases strength.


  • Zesta's birthday is on 1st April.
  • In the game Fantastic Days, Zesta moves to Axel after being kicked out of Arcanletia for trying to turn all the hot springs into mixed baths.